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album: DinsiemE (Panini)

stickers: 204 (1-192, P1-P12)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 figurine per bustina) 1,00€ each

eco blister: 5 packets 4,90€ c

special pack: 10 packets + hard cover album 14,90€

It is clear that Panini has focused a lot on this collection, so much so as to also create the hardcover version, an editorial solution that we have not seen the same care for important collections such as the 60th of Spider-Man and One Piece. They may have done their market research but it really seems like a choice to us, meaning it in a polite, questionable way.

Naturally we have nothing against DinsiemE, on the contrary! We liked the previous album, made by Promotional Srl in 2020 and found some interest from younger collectors. Panini puts its experience into play and creates a product that can stand out from the much competition in the world of youtubers. The result is undoubtedly remarkable.

The standard album is smaller in size and looks like a notebook with rings, so as to look like a product for school, after all the background of the pages is squared. The paper is excellent, if they wanted to hit the mark here we are. The hardcover edition mentioned at the beginning is only available in the comic shop circuit, at the price of €15.00 with 10 packets, it differs from the “serve a kidney” line of Panini products. In practice, with €5.00 you get the rigid version of the album. Another important aspect, another album without a card, thank you! Perhaps the editorial line that has battered so many collections in recent years has come to an end. If it’s just a lucky time, let’s hope it lasts.

The occasion of this new album is the arrival in cinemas of the film “The Legendary Journey”. However, the album is a general presentation of the web couple, with many references to their adventures and challenges that can be watched on Youtube.

The first part of the album introduces the characters, not only Dominick and Erick but also Isabella, Romeo, Doctor Giniu and Doctor Timoti. Below is a summary of some of our adventures around the web and around Italy and beyond. The third part of the album is dedicated to their most incredible challenges, the most magical jokes and journeys. However, a nice mix of fun and lots of crazy photos, both real and comics, within pages full of phrases and captions, as we all often liked to fill our school diaries.

Central gatefold poster that refers to the film to be completed with the 12 P stickers. Being the first album on the DinsiemE for Panini, it is appreciable that a wider choice was made on the setting and not to dedicate oneself only to the film. The stickers are nice and varied, including the special and shaped ones that you will have learned by now, if you read our reviews, they are our passion.

Album therefore very valid, have doubts about its effectiveness for the price of the packet, perhaps at least 10 cents could have been avoided (or add a sticker as other publishers have done) and for the total number of stickers. For products of this kind related to the little ones, in our opinion the right number is around 150, here we exceed 200. The album could have been absolutely pleasant even if less full-bodied. The real risk is to pass on the sly because it is too demanding to complete.

Some time ago a friend told us that he passed with his son near the square where the stage of the Panini Tour took place, he asked him if he wanted to stop, the answer was lapidary: “no dad, I can never complete an album anyway”. If this line of thought passes among the youngest, it is much more than a simple alarm bell, not only for Panini, but for all of our beloved world of stickers.


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