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album: Vasco KOM Collection (Officina Edicola)

cards: 100 (1-150) + card 0

starter pack: album + 1 packet 9,90€

box: 24 packets (7 cards per packet) 3,00€ each

Officina Edicola tries again! A few years ago he brought the first collection of cards linked to the youtube Lyon phenomenon to the newsstands, achieving a probably unexpected success that led the product to be among the most sought after in Italy and beyond (in our small way, we have helped collectors by sending the albums even In the USA).

Now it’s time to do an encore with Vasco Rossi, on paper a guaranteed success given the huge following of the rocker from Zocca. In reality, however, it is a gamble, the figurines and the singers have always had a rather troubled, non-continuous history. To go back in time to a “noteworthy” album, we go to the 1990s where another publisher from Modena, DS, released a now highly sought-after album of Ligabue stickers.

DS? Yes, the one that signed an exclusive contract with the Iranian federation and because of this agreement, the stickers of Iran were not distributed in the Panini album of France ’98.

Returning to Vasco, we would like to ask Officina Edicola why they chose to make an album of cards and not stickers. Perhaps even for an economic choice, we would have preferred the second one. However, we must give credit to the publisher who, as he did then with Lyon, offers a real album where you can insert the cards as if they were photographs. Not plastic binders (the environment thanks you), not a little edifying little boxes like others do.

The album traces the history of Vasco Rossi’s concerts, starting from the imminent and going back to the distant 80s, tour after tour, from tent theaters to arenas, from stadiums to arenas and the historic appointment of Modena Park. It is important to underline the choice of photographs, taken together with the artist’s entourage, which involve some of the leading photographers in the musical world.

The history of Vasco’s tours is also intertwined with that of our country, emblematic is the tour of Rock under the siege which referred to the terrible war taking place in the former Yugoslavia.

The cards are of good quality, equally divided between the classic and the metallic and holographic ones. They feature Vasco on stage, backstage, preparing songs in the studio. Also present are the most significant album covers. In the album there is no mention but there is also a card 0, printed in just 1000 copies and distributed through the fan club. It doesn’t find space in the album so it’s to all intents and purposes an extra card, we believe the collection can be defined as complete even without it.

Ambitious and important collection, price not immediately cheap but without knowing the agreements between the artist and the publisher, it is probable that this operation had a demanding cost almost as much as making the album of a top football player. Great that the total number of cards is still contained.

Who knows if there will be packets distributed during this summer’s tour and if we will find the fans who, waiting for the concert to start, will make the exchanges.

Long live Vasco!


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