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album: Stumble Guys (Diramix)

cards: 162 (1-162)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 7,90€

box: 20 packets (5 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

Not just Dragonball. After “Brawl Stars” Diramix has taken a liking to it and presents a new collection of cards dedicated to the multiplayer game Stumble Guys on newsstands. The formula is the classic one, 162 cards, a binder that exactly contains them all and little else dedicated to the details.

The binder is minimal, little space for information and details, at least there is a rich check-list with images of all the cards. Here we can discover that the basic set consists of 128 cards, followed by 24 gold cards and 10 special rubies.

For us it is difficult to understand if all the characters of the game are present, but surely there are many. The cards in turn have information only on the front, including the sequential number.

The lack of a guide is probably a problem for those who, like us, are only now approaching the world of Stumble Guys, for those who know the game the icons present, including emoticons, poops, boxing gloves and much more, are more than enough to understand what we are talking about.

Collection for fans.


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