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album: Sonic Prime (Diramix)

stickers: 184 (1-184)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

Sonic is back! The legendary hero of Sega games is now the protagonist of a series on Netflix, certainly not his first experience in cartoons but certainly a novelty, all thanks to modern high definition computer graphics, which has its positive sides, others less , but certainly well suited to a world that was born from video games.

Not just Marvel! The “fashion” of multiverses and parallel universes also involves our blue friend and here he is in the Shatterspaces, looking for friends to save, but at the same time meeting the counterparts of worlds very similar to his. Does it remind you of anything?!

The album has two purposes, on the one hand to tell the adventures that run through the episodes of the series, on the other to let us discover the many characters, old, new, alternative, parallels that the Sonic Prime world introduces us. A clever choice to infinitely multiply the possibilities, also from the point of view of the video game in the future.

It should be noted that the album rightly follows a logic, unlike other cartoons they are not disconnected pages, but the path is linear and allows you to enjoy the whole story. After all, the series itself has in some ways more the format of the TV series than the classic one of cartoons for the little ones.

You know by now our weakness for shaped stickers, in this collection we have so many, an album that certainly takes time to be able to complete it correctly. But that’s the fun, too, isn’t it? Non-classical central page of Diramix albums, no stick & stack or game, we can call it a “best of” of the main characters. The lack of the central game in an album entirely dedicated to.. a game.. even if to be played with the console, maybe it wasn’t necessary.

Very nice and funny stickers, as we have written, it is not so much the special ones that leave their mark but the many shaped ones that also point out a certain care in making them. Care unfortunately not found in the quality of the album paper, unfortunately really not sufficient. Diramix is ​​not the only publisher, others prefer different solutions, certainly the current cost of paper leads to even difficult choices, we begin to fear that, for publishers who release a lot of material on newsstands, perhaps it has become the only way to survive on the market.

Fortunately, avoid the useless cards, the total number of stickers is acceptable to complete the album without passing out too much. In our opinion, the right number would have been around 160, we believe the era of too full-bodied albums has long since ended, perhaps suitable for mainstream with even a more adult audience (Diabolik and Spider-Man for example) but for a product intended for smaller better not to exaggerate. Also considering the average duration of a collection on newsstands, relatively short and which, indeed, for parents more sensitive to our world of little paper adhesive friends, could also allow children to collect more albums a year.


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