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Bologna FC1909 2022/23 (Euro Publishing)


album: Bologna FC1909 figurine 2022/23 (Coop Reno/Euro Publishing)

stickers: 120 (1-120)

album 2,00€

pack: 5 packets (4 stickers per packet) 3,90€

on sale at Coop Reno supermarkets, in the province of Bologna

A great new for all redandblue supporters, after many years an album of stickers entirely dedicated to Bologna FC is back available, as we already find in many other Italian cities that of the respective clubs. It is probably a request that came from many voices, ours included, often in our events and at the fairs we take part in in Bologna, it was a continuous tune “but don’t they make an album about Bologna?”.

The initiative is created by Coop Reno, the peculiarity is that the Bologna album is not available in .. Bologna! Understood as a city, the reason is plausible, the supermarket chain is widely scattered in the province but does not cover the capital. Not bad, as we did, Bolognese citizens, just move a few kilometers and you can find what you need.

As with crime novels, we didn’t go to the last page but leafed through from the beginning, the graphic layout reminded us of an editorial line well known to those of us who frequent newsstands. We weren’t wrong! The album is made by Euro Publishing, which has been involved for years with the albums of Inter, Juventus, Milan, Roma and others.

Every single footballer has his own dedicated page, with three stickers, one of which is special. The large photo has all its charm, there would have been some statistical details, but on the other hand (just see the photo above) space is limited. As many as 28 players from the squad are present in the album, starting from the goalkeepers up to the strikers. The album is closed by coach Thiago Motta.

A nice and interesting novelty are the traditional first pages with the stickers of all the players together, on this occasion with 30 initial shaped stickers which also include the BFC logo, also present in the center of the page. Choosing this not very happy, the two stickers naturally can only bend. The basic idea, however, is simple but guessed, to be repeated, this small detail aside.

Stickers linked to supermarket distribution often complicate collectors’ days. It is understandable that the goal is to increase sales, but the binomial amount of expenditure which is equivalent to a total of packets makes it difficult to complete the album, unless you are the Bradford Family (a joke that you will only understand if you are at least 40 years old..). Coop Reno opts for a different, applause-worthy solution. The packets are bought separately, not necessarily connected to the expense. They certainly believe in the result of this product and so do we.

Good quality of the stickers, to note the small number of stickers which allows for an, we believe, easy collection. For a product of this kind, it is always the guess to go just beyond the 100 stickers. Someone will turn up their noses at the fact that the album is entirely focused on Bologna 2023 without references to the past. Solution full of emotions but hardly practicable, on pain of creating an album that is too rich and not very suitable for this type of proposal.

Also because the history of Bologna is long and articulated, but an extra page with the stickers of the stadium, the Casteldebole Sports Center, the Curva Bulgarelli full of fans, would have been appreciated.

After all, maybe after a good success, next year we could make a different album, maybe to celebrate 60 years since the last Scudetto, the Bologna of Dall’Ara, Bernardini, Haller, Pascutti and Bulgarelli who won the play-off in Rome against Inter by Helenio Herrera.

In our own small way, within the solidarity sticker project, we have some ideas, you’ll see in the future 😉 (EN)

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