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ME CONTRO TE – The movie 4 (Diramix)


in collaborazione con Edicola Birra Fumetteria 
album: Me contro Te – The Movie 4: Mission in the jungle (Diramix)

stickers: 180 (1-180) + 40 cards (C1-C40)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,99€

box: 40 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

special packet (1 packet + 1 pawn for game) 2,99€ each

Pokerissimo! Not only within a few years have MecontroTe reached 5 sticker albums (six, counting the one with only cards) but even now we have two different collections on newsstands: the novelty linked to the new film and the previous one linked to the TV series , released in October 2022.

Without a doubt they are the winners of the web world for the youngest, consequently they ride the success with many productions, initiatives and editorial releases. Wanting to look ahead and also considering bookshop releases, it would perhaps be fun to make an album of stickers entirely in comics. The fact remains, we admit it, that we are particularly nice and therefore we always have an eye for them.

Not only that, we are also fans of Diramix, although sometimes they jeopardize our loyalty a little. Prices are not just affected by the crisis; to (our thought) prevent someone else from trying to invent card collection, the same ones are present in the collection (already happened with the couple’s third film). But the whole is always interesting, a collection that you can reach the goal of completing without going crazy. Also thanks to the subsequent request service for missing stickers, simple and cheap.

The album is practically the story of the film, right from the first pages we are catapulted into the adventure together with Luì and Sofì. No introduction, the story is rich, the jungle is full of mysteries, doing the usual initial part by introducing the characters would have been repetitive. After all, those who follow MecontroTe already know them! It is also appreciable that, unlike many other “heroes” of cinema or comics, at a certain point in history the archenemy, Mr. S, takes the side of the good guys. It’s not a spoiler, it happened in the previous movie 🙂

Well done Diramix! Whether it is an obligatory or editorial choice, the 40 cards are not a separate subject, they are the heart of the album. In fact, in the central part it is possible to insert them in the appropriate spaces, a much more appreciable solution than the boxes of other publishers. It is certainly a feasible path when the number of total stickers is not too demanding, but this consideration that Diramix has for those who want to collect the album is appreciable. And in the end, even we, who are not lovers of this sticker + card solution, can almost be happy with it.

The central part also hides another pleasant addition, The Game of the Goose by MecontroTe! On one side the usual poster of the film, on the other the dashboard, not trivial but well structured. Not only that, at newsstands it is also possible to find special packets with all the characters, in the comic version, which can become the pawns to play with.

The album is the usual mix of real scenes and comics, a line that almost all web heroes use for their productions and that we support. It also serves to make the collection more articulated and less static, more sparkling and less repetitive.

The stickers are mainly taken from stills from the film, the backgrounds of the pages, mostly in turn large photos from the set create an enjoyable mix. Much better than having made choices with unicolor graphics, perhaps simpler, but certainly less captivating. Among the stickers they always make their own.. “figur(on)a” the shaped ones, even the most demanding ones to put correctly on the album. The always present special silver or glitter on this occasion we have among the cards.

An album that maintains the Diramix line: stickers enough but not too many, cards perhaps necessary but not too many and not separate, general quality above average, an album that is appreciated and we don’t hold back!


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