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PAW PATROL – Rescue Knights (Panini)


album: Paw Patrol – Rescue Knights (Panini)

stickers: 176 (1-149, F1-F27)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers) 1,00€ each

For the glory of Barkinburg! For about 10 years Paw Patrol has been a cartoon that warms the hearts of many children, generations go by but Ryder and his puppies always know how to conquer new fans who perhaps take the place of those who have “grown up” and so the cartoon has reached the ninth television season, plus movies, spin-offs and more.

Thanks also to the authors who have been able to create new adventures. The album refers to the new television season where our heroes are catapulted into fantasy, between dragons and princesses. An original solution and one can also say spot on, given the result.

The first pages of the album introduce the new characters, could a dragon be missing? Here comes Sparks! The only “wild beast” who is crazy about marshmallows. Already from this introduction it is understood that it is not only an album of stickers, but also of games, to be colored. Indeed, if you are a bit fanatical like us, maybe buy two albums, one to have the children attach the stickers, the other to fill it with colours, drawings and much more.

An interesting aspect compared to other similar albums is the presentation of some stories which in this case are best told. Not the usual classic 2, but even 6 pages! Nice graphics that also mimic video games. Fewer adventures but more space to get to know them better.

The interaction between young collectors and the album finds new life on each page, the breaks between the adventures told are in fact pages where stickers and games come together for a moment of healthy and light fun.

The central opening part is spectacular! In some way it is a summary of what was seen in the album, only having followed the stories carefully can you answer the quizzes, only by attaching the stickers is it possible to complete the rest of the games. We believe this is the right way for an album of stickers intended for a very young audience, effective, interactive, not too many stickers and no useless cards, very colorful and lively, without a moment of boredom from the first to the last page.

The stickers are appreciated, it almost seems like the Paw Patrol want to get out of the paper and play. We like the details and there are plenty of them here, the red frame stands out well, the special glitter with the silver frame just as well. Shapes are always a pleasure. Worth noting is the quality of the album, rough paper like it used to be. Too thick to be used in the monumental Calciatori but that should be a rule for all albums at least under 200/250 stickers.

Absolutely pleasant album to collect, a pity about the price of the packets, which denotes the fact that the presence or absence of the cards is no longer even an added value, but just a useless complication for those who want to collect the album.


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