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album: Strange World (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-168, P1-P12) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets 4,90€

“Strange World“, for those who have seen the trailer at the cinema, has everything to be a film to remember, after some Disney missteps in recent years. Perhaps. Above all because personal taste is also touched here, in some distant way it can recall “The treasure planet”, a quality cartoon but which did not have great success at the box office.

Waiting to know whether or not it will be the Christmas film, we have serious doubts that the sticker album could be a success. Perhaps it is not the most appropriate way, but in this case the first part of the review is to point out the defects and the aspects that are not very appreciable for us.

First of all the quality of the paper, lately we have seen a marked improvement in the Panini house, perhaps for this publication they have used returns from stock. The result is visible to the naked eye, very low quality, wrinkled paper. Considering that it’s not even a free album (but even in that case it wouldn’t be an excuse), since with the price of the starter pack you pay just under 1 euro.

The other aspect that leaves us rather perplexed are the exaggerated 50 cards. Necessary evil? Apparently yes, if we think of the concept whereby, in order to maintain the rights, the publisher is obliged to print both stickers and cards. So out of necessity he burdens an album that could have been nice with 50 cards which only makes it that much more difficult (and expensive) to complete.

Cards that in this case really have nothing to be a pleasant extra to the album of stickers. We’d really like to know if that 50 card is the minimum wage that Disney grants to Panini to maintain the rights, or if it’s a self-defeating choice by the Modena company.

The album traces the history of the animated film, so “spoiler alert!”. The advice we give you is to run to the cinema and then attach the stickers so you can enjoy the highlights of the cartoon again. The graphics of the pages are well done, we find the places, the sets, the landscapes of the films.

The stickers rediscover their role, essential for coloring the various pages even more and making them complete. Appropriate choice because we are dealing with a film with many protagonists, an album divided by characters would perhaps not have been suitable.

Central poster with the film poster on one side and the space for the 12 stickers numbered with the letter P on the other. If you have any doubts about the names of the heroes of Strange World, this is the right place to make a quick summary!

The stickers are apparently simple but find, as just written, their rightful charm within the album. Worth noting are our beloved shaped ones that we always like a lot (by now you will have understood it, if you follow our reviews..) and the special ones, with the most sought-after details of recent albums.

Go to the cinema and Merry Christmas!


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