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album: Barbie dreamhouse adventures (Panini)

stickers: 180 (1-180)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 36 packets (6 stickers) 1,00€ each

Welcome back Barbie! In reality, the legendary Mattel doll has never left us, but as a sticker album we hadn’t seen a product on newsstands for a few years. The occasion is the recent animated series that can be seen on television on Cartoonito and Netflix. It is therefore not the classic Barbie, the stories are inside a college, but the blonde with blue eyes is always her.

First good news, no card! When a new sticker album comes out, we always tremble at this option which, only in some cases, is an added value. In most cases it is just an additional expense that also makes it difficult to complete the album.

Second good news, quality album! After all, in Barbie’s fashion world, class is everything. Large format, paper without creases or other problems, first part of the album dedicated to the presentation of the characters. Second part also dedicated more to the TV series, with the adventure told in some episodes.

Actually the first 8 pages are dedicated to Barbie and her family, her sisters and her animals. Perhaps it had already happened in the past, for many of us it is a shock to discover both Barbie’s last name, Roberts, and to see the parents for the first time. A page is not dedicated to them, but they are certainly there in the series and also in some images of the album.

By the way, did you know Ken’s last name is Carson?!? We and we discovered him by leafing through this album. To follow the other characters of the series. The pages are largely filled with stickers, but there is no shortage of captions that accompany us to gather lots of useful information.

Spectacular central poster dedicated to the world of Barbie, homes, sports, college and all school mates. The stickers are to be attached on both sides, somehow we are faced with a mini album.

The choice of being able to open it completely is excellent, so that, if desired, it is not necessary to detach it from the album. Problem that often grips us with the central posters in albums.

Final part of the album dedicated to some adventures that we can follow in the TV series. It is appreciable that, to maintain the limited number of total stickers, we find some (few, therefore irrelevant) substitute illustrations.

The final page, not having had the opportunity to view the stickers, could have some additional details. Girl Power can certainly not be something more!

Very interesting album, beautiful and large, even the stickers are appreciated, including the shaped ones and the special glitter ones. Although the packet is now at the standard price of 1.00 euros, there are at least 6 stickers in each. With the box of 36 packets, it is not said, but you could try your luck at having the complete set without subsequent purchases.

Long live Barbie!


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9 April 2024