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Fumetto Forever Card #31: GIORGIO REBUFFI!

To date we have involved over 30 authors of the Ninth Art in the solidarity card project, we will never stop thanking them for their time, passion and willingness to make a fundamental contribution to a project that surprised ourselves first of all, in seeing how many satisfactions it has brought us and how much it has branched out.

It was also time to think about those who, unfortunately, are no longer with us, because comics have a long, compelling and exciting history. Made up of many characters who have remained in the hearts of readers, as well as many authors and designers who created them. Comics Card #31 is dedicated to one of these, a historic name in Italian comics, Giorgio Rebuffi, born in 1928, who died in 2014.

Not only Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Italian newsstands have experienced a period, which actually lasted many years, where children and teenagers ran to buy American humorous comics as high quality Italian productions that saw a succession of unforgettable signatures of the Ninth Art.

Many icons of Italian comics are linked to the name of Giorgio Rebuffi, from Beppe and Cucciolo to Tiramolla, from Trottolino to even Disney’s Uncle Scrooge. Most of all, the Steppe Wolf remains unforgettable with his improbable “macaroni Russian”, Pugaciòff.

The solidarity Comic Card #31 is therefore a double tribute to a character who has entered the collective imagination of Italian comics and to his creator. For this reason, as often happens with our solidarity publishments, the circulation has a precise meaning: 159 with reference to 1959, Pugaciòff’s first appearance in the Edizioni Alpe albums.

The initiative was made possible by the collaboration with Sbam Comics, the current publisher of Pugaciòff’s stories and by the availability of the Rebuffi Family who made it possible to achieve everything. Equally and always proactive, the collaboration with ANAFI (National Association of Friends of Comics) and the WOW Comics Museum in Milan.

Comics Card #31 will be previewed at the 65th Anafi Comics Exhibition, Bologna Fair, on Saturday 26 November 2022 where you can find copies of the solidarity card both at the Figurine Forever stand and at the Sbam Comics stand.

PUGACIOFF for the wolves of Monte Adone!
With the proceeds of this new card + postcard, it will be possible to support the activities of Progetto Lupo by Centro Tutela Fauna Monte Adone (

A small part of the printed copies will be donated to the WOW Museum and put up for sale at their shop, in order to support the cultural activities of this important Italian reality.

Pugaciòff by Giorgio Rebuffi
Fumetto Forever Card # 31 – Card + Postcard
Limited edition 159 copies numbered

Cost € 5.00

+ postage costs (for Italy € 5.00, Europe € 10.00)

How to pay:

  • Bank transfer: 
    Bank:Emil Banca – Credito Cooperativo 
    Branch:Borgo Panigale, Bologna Italia 
    IBAN:IT82 Y070 7202 4000 0000 0427 519 
    For purchases by bank transfer, please always follow an email to
  • Paypal to the address only, with Paypal the price per card is € 1.00 more

AVAILABLE NOW! (copies available 72/159)

the postcards of the solidarity cards are numbered, the number you receive is random. The choice of the specific number is a pre-sale service only and only for the members of Figurine Forever

10 free copies were also printed, they do not have a consecutive number. The copies were distributed to Rebuffi Family, Sbam Comics, Anafi, Wow Museum, Centro Tutela Fauna.
2 copies, as archive, remain with Figurine Forever

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