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ONE PIECE: summit war (Panini)


album: One Piece: summit war (Panini)

stickers: 184 (1-172, H1-H12) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

blister: 5 packets 4,90€

Better late than never. Released in other countries for several months, the album of the bestseller One Piece finally arrives in Italy. What can I say, thank you! We would also like to underline a fact: in recent years we have often reported the poor quality of the album paper, in the same way it is right now to report a substantial turnaround that we are experiencing in the latest Panini releases.

All good intentions for the future, considering that at the same time the Spider-Man and Diabolik collections are on newsstands. It seems to be back to the 80s. Three different products, all of quality. Are we facing the “new wave of comics album”? Maybe, considering that Panini also has the rights to DC and Disney, can we dream of a celebratory album also for Superman or who knows for the 75 years of Uncle Scrooge? Too bad, in Italy, Panini did not believe in Asterix’s potential a few years ago.

Above all, the One Piece album makes you dream of seeing other products related to manga and Japanese animation arrive on newsstands, after only Captain Tsubasa, the eternal Dragon Ball and little else have been seen in recent years. If it is true that other collections have been a flop, by reading the titles questionable choices have been made. Maybe an album on Slam Dunk or My Hero Academy could give very different feedback and think what could be a celebratory album of robots, from Go Nagai (Grendizer, Mazinga, Jeeg Robot, etc.) to Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam, Daitarn 3 , Zambot, etc.) or the infinite spaces of Leiji Matsumoto (Capitan Harlock, Galaxy Express, Danguard, etc.).

As we continue to dream of future albums, let’s dedicate ourselves to this product that we think has a lot to say. The format is didactic and in some way encyclopedic, which takes its cue both from the cartoon but also from the manga. It is clearly a fan album, a story through some chapters of the long saga. There is no real introduction to the characters, as often happens, with the first pages dedicated to individual heroes and the corresponding villains.

After all, the same album does not start from the beginning but focuses on a certain period to which the sagas are connected, we are not experts in One Piece and we hope not to write inaccuracies. The choice seems optimal because it has its own logic, unlike a different product, we can say generic, which would have been suitable for newbies but less interesting for the many fans.

Given the number of readers of the manga and fans of the TV series, it is right to create a product that can be captivating for those who know the character and the story but which can also be a valid album for those who want to know One Piece better or, even just , wanted to have fun attacking stickers. Fun is guaranteed with this varied, colorful, dynamic album.

What sagas are there? Amazon Lily, Impel Down, Marineford, Luffy’s Childhood and 3D2Y. Predictable that some would have made different choices. Never mind, the message on the last page is quite clear: we are only at the beginning! (see image above)

To get to know the (many) characters of One Piece, in this case the 50 cards are useful. The album is not burdened by this presence, perhaps they could have been fewer cards, also considering the box of only 24 packets, but they are less approximate than other occasions. The not too high number of stickers is also good choice, which makes the collection even more attractive. Starting from the consideration that there is a very good chance that more sticker albums will arrive.

The cost of the packets is that of the market, but the quality of the stickers, starting from their size, should be emphasized, larger than the standard. The images, “frames” of cartoons or drawings, make a profit for this solution. Happy to find the shapes that we personally always like a lot, as well as the special glitter. Typical of One Piece are the “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters, do not worry, among the stickers you will find several, even for the central poster where the stickers from H1 to H12 find space.

The larger format of the stickers makes them the same as that of the cards, you can finally rest assured when opening the bags, no risk of tearing the stickers inside them. Thank you! Abroad it is also possible to find the hardback version, a collector’s item if Panini decides to do the limited edition as for Diabolik. More likely nothing will come out in Italy, as unfortunately happened with Spider-Man.


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