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ME CONTRO TE – The royal family (Diramix)


album: ME contro TE – The Royal Family (Diramix)

stickers: 180 (1-172, A-H)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 3,90€

box: 40 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

We admit it, among the many protagonists of the youtuber world, Me contro Te remain our favorites, perhaps because more than others they believe a lot in the sticker product, with this we are on the fourth album, without counting the collections of the cards only. They believe in it but surely they also see the results, a team that wins does not change and here they are, again with Diramix.

Sore point is the 25% increase in the cost of the packets, a big blow. The comparison should not be made with the previous album “Lost in time” which also contained the cards (in a solution that we praised at the time, other than the boxes apart ..), but with the one linked to the second film “The school enchanted ”, where the sachets cost € 0.80.

Returning to the album, good Me contro Te to evolve, now proposing itself as a television series on Amazon and in some way abandoning the adventures and characters that had accompanied us over the years. A bit of freshness was needed, we haven’t seen the program yet but the album looks promising. Of course you have to be fans of Sofia and Luì and you must always take into account the target to which it is addressed, children and the very young.

We have entered a new phase of their adventures, the first pages of the album help to get to know all the protagonists of the series, who stand out for, at least apparently, the lack of the enemy on duty. Divina, Tronaldo, Emma, ​​La Regina, Cornelia, Bruno are all positive characters, albeit with a fair multitude of defects. Obviously, otherwise the fun would be immediately lacking. Tronaldo, even just for the name, enters the favorites list by right!

Following the introduction to the first season of the series, also to try to understand how Me contro Te ended up in court. Dream sets, Sofì dressed as a princess, everything perfect? Not really, the youtuber couple has yet to learn a lot, nice and apt the page on etiquette, where we, like them, would certainly make a certain line of mistakes. Not to mention the “court style”, even if it certainly helps the success of the television series about the royals of England and France.

The pages have an effective structure, the captions give way to know what happens in the stickers, but without our little paper friends there would be a lot of curiosity. Fortunately, unlike sports albums, there are still no collectors who do not attack the stickers, you would lose the taste of history and the pleasure of reading it between texts and images.

In the third part, the album tells about some of the episodes of the series, which will probably be the main ones of the first season or those most suitable to be transformed into stickers. If Tronaldo has the most unlikely name, it is the rocker Emma who will surely be the favorite among small collectors.

The format of the stickers is the classic Diramix one, perhaps calling it a tradition is not the most appropriate term but the publisher likes it and we too. The right mix of classics, glitter and shaped to make the album fun to complete. As well as the central poster where they find the stickers with the letter. Thinking about Diramix products, in the next album (because there will be a next album, right Me against You?!?) Could you dare to insert stick & stack stickers in the center of the album? As in the collections of Bing and other cartoons where our heroes could come to life by moving in the sets printed on the poster.

If earlier we reluctantly reported the increased cost of the packets, it is due to Diramix to operate at least in a different way than other publishers. Buying the box of 40 sachets, in principle, you find yourself with a few missing stickers. If it is not possible to exchange them with other collectors, they can subsequently be requested from the publisher. In this way, with an expense of under 50 euros, the album is completed.

Arrivederci Me contro Te!


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