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SUMMER & TODD (Tridimensional)


album: Summer and Todd (Tridimensional)

stickers: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,90€

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packets) 0,90€ each

Essential! The collaboration between Rainbow and Tridimensional continues, after the Pinocchio album, available on newsstands. This too is an album to take into consideration, first of all as it is a “made in Italy” product, from Bozzetto (or even earlier) onwards, not everyone knows that Italy has a respectable animation school, so much as much as that of comics, for which we are famous all over the world.

These are complicated times, where many families are experiencing difficult moments, we have been pursuing our idea for some time that albums can also be simple, with a limited number of stickers, without for this reason being products of little value or interest. Far from it, essential, in fact, as we wrote at the beginning.

What is the correct number for a sticker album in the new millennium? If aimed at a very young audience, in our opinion between 140 and 160 stickers, no more. The album must be a pleasure, not a torture. The contemporary Pinocchio & Friends has 192 stickers, Summer & Todd “only” 160, an excellent choice that meets the difficulties of families but also today, where a product becomes interesting after a short time (general problem, not just the stickers) , without distorting the quality.

Applause to Tridimensional for the quality of the paper, considering what is often found on newsstands. In the starter pack, the album costs around € 2.50, but if in this way you can have a product worth collecting, so be it!

The structure of the album is a successful mix between the presentation of the characters and some episodes of the TV series on Rai Play and the very nice pages dedicated to the locations inside the “Raggio di sole” farm. In fact, the winning idea of ​​the series is that, in reality, it is not about a farm with a traditional cartoon vision but about a real agricultural cooperative, where everyone has their fundamental role.

The stickers are appreciated, nothing particular, too bad the lack of our beloved shaped ones, but the “frame” images from the cartoon are of excellent resolution and the special silver ones do not disappoint. We always remember the reference target of the collection; in this regard, the many games that we find by leafing through the pages are an excellent choice, so that other moments of leisure are added to the fun in attaching the stickers.

Give this collection a chance, so that you can have more in the future!


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