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Celebrative Sticker #29: CARLO PEDERSOLI!

Bud Forever! The Celebrative Sticker series deals with paying homage, remembering, celebrating the great champions and personalities of sport. It may happen, as in this case, that a great athlete then becomes even more famous by making a different choice in his professional life. Before becoming Bud Spencer, the actor we all love, Italy had an enormously talented swimmer. With immense pleasure, pride and a certain amount of emotion, the Celebrative Sticker # 29 solidarity sticker is dedicated to Carlo Pedersoli!

Carlo Pedersoli’s sporting career is a succession of great successes in both swimming and water polo. He was the first Italian to go under one minute in the 100m freestyle race, of which he was national champion 7 times. He took part in two Olympics arriving in the semifinals, silver medal at the 1951 Mediterranean Games. With water polo, which he was involved in “occasionally”, he won the gold medal with the blue colors at the 1955 Mediterranean Games.

At the end of the 50s, the future Bud makes the choice to move to South America and somehow gives up his sporting career. Although, having returned to Rome years later, he was called up by the national swimming team to participate in the 1960 Rome Olympics, but without taking part in it; “He should have taken part in it but he preferred to get married that year”, this is the answer given to us by his daughter Cristiana (in the photo below), who clarifies an often incongruent datum found on the internet with respect to Olympic participation.

This whole part of Carlo Pedersoli’s life is also well told in the graphic novel “Bud Spencer” drawn by Roberto Lauciello based on a screenplay by Marco Sonseri (Renoir Comics, 2021), which was very useful in putting us in contact with the Pedersoli family and who have already participated in our solidarity stickers project with the Comic Card # 17 dedicated to Bud Spencer.

In the Celebrative Sticker solidarity sticker we therefore dedicated ourselves to paying homage to a sporting career, sometimes not remembered enough given the greatness of the actor, an authentic legend. The sticker recalls Carlo Pedersoli’s first Olympics, in Helsinki in 1952. However, in the folder we also wanted to remember the man and therefore we have included a wonderful photo of Bud walking around Rome and on the back showing a photo of him as an athlete.

We are convinced that the two aspects of Bud / Carlo’s life are one, important and memorable and therefore both to be celebrated and remembered. As well as his love for Naples and the sea. For this reason, even this second solidarity sticker by Bud Spencer is in support of the Onlus Maestri di Strada of the Neapolitan city, maybe it will also help the young people followed by the organization to get to know this famous fellow citizen beyond the many films they have seen on television.

263 limited and numbered copies, 2 like the Olympics in which he took part, 63 like the famous jersey number he wears in the film “They called him Bulldozer“. The sticker will be previewed in Naples on Thursday 22 September at the Maestri di Strada headquarters, then you can find it in three important events in which Figurine Forever will take part:

Music Day + Figucon, Roma 24-25 september 2022 (63 copies available)
MEI Meeting Etichette Indipendenti, Faenza 1-2 october 2022 (50 copies available)
Fiera del Fumetto Kolosseo, Bologna 15-16 october 2022 (50 copies available)

100 copies will be available for sale online on our site, to these will be added any unsold copies from the three events reported above. We will gradually update the site with copies still available.


With the proceeds of this new solidarity sticker + folder, it will be possible to support the activities of the non-profit organization MAESTRI DI STRADA (, splendid reality deeply rooted in the territory of Naples and to which, in agreement with the Pedersoli family, the proceeds are destined.

Celebrative Sticker #29 – Sticker + Folder
Limited and numbered edition 263 copies

Cost 8,00€ + postage costs (5,00€ for Italy, 10,00€ for Europe)

How to pay:

  • Bank transfer: 
    Bank:Emil Banca – Credito Cooperativo 
    Branch:Borgo Panigale, Bologna Italia 
    IBAN:IT82 Y070 7202 4000 0000 0427 519 
    For purchases by bank transfer, please always follow an email to
  • Paypal to the address only, with Paypal the price per card is € 1.00 more
  • On Ebay

AVAILABLE NOW! (copies available 117/263)

the folders of the solidarity stickers are numbered, the number you receive is random. The choice of the specific number is a pre-sale service only and only for the members of Figurine Forever

20 free copies have also been printed, they do not have the consecutive number. These copies were distributed to Pedersoli family, to Maestri di Strada Onlus.
2 copies to the Figurine Forever Association.
The Pedersoli family was also given the Celebrative Sticker numbered 63.

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