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F1 2022 (Topps)


album: F1 2022 (Topps)

stickers: 154 (1-154)

all pack inclusive: album + complete set 14,99€

This album is a potential huge wake-up call. If you are a lover of classic stickers, of course. The commercial agreements, between publishers and who owns the rights, are both on the stickers and on the cards. For this reason, several publishers make mixed albums, so as to maintain exclusivity on both and not run the risk that cards or stickers can be assigned to others.

So Topps, after having created the collection of Turbo Attax cards, rather rich and varied (for lovers of the genre), with the aim of not losing the rights to the stickers, creates a mini album that in substance, but not in form, it is similar to the previous two but there is a clear feeling that it is a convenient solution.

Of course, the offer is absolutely captivating, with less than 15 euros you have the complete collection, but in miniature versions, albums and even more stickers. The fascination of F1 loses a lot from this choice. Honestly and considering that Topps is closing several important contracts (see the European football championships) we would not want this to be the commercial policy of the next few years, to push collectors towards the cards of which, honestly, they are steps forward compared to the main competitor.

We will see. The album reflects the approach of the two previous editions, naturally limiting the number of stickers by force of circumstances. In the first part, after celebrating the highlights of the 2021 world champion Verstappen with 8 stickers, the drivers are presented, 4 stickers each: the special together with the car and their number in the race, the bust photo with the helmet next to it, close-up inside the cockpit and figurine of the racing car.

The mix is ​​not bad at all, too bad the mini format is very little to enjoy the whole, although and paradoxically the stickers are still of good quality. It must be said that the graphics and texts are still legible and pleasant despite the format.

Following the very captivating pages with the stickers of the team managers and the team of mechanics “in action” in the pits during tire changes. The statistics work and the ranking of the fastest pitstops are valid, team by team. The next 10 stickers with the highlights of the 2021 championship are the continuation of the opening of the album, even if they do not repeat the Verstappen domination but are dedicated to the successes and results obtained by the other drivers.

The album closes with the double stickers of the F2 drivers and a platinum page where the best drivers of last season are celebrated. Not a fundamental page but it has the advantage of having the special stickers of Verstappen, Hamilton and Bottas in the classic format (or rather more) that we would have had in a classic album, lean but pleasant consideration.

The graphic and varied quality of the stickers makes the bite of the missed opportunity even more bitter. Note, however, the repetition of the lack of circuit stickers, a fundamental paragraph considered by Panini for the Moto GP album.

Another worrying fact, the album is distributed on newsstands, which is excellent, but long after it was sold on Amazon and perhaps other internet channels. For us, who are always on the side of the newsstands, it is a further alarm bell. There is, however, and indeed we find, albeit a good choice, that the product was on sale at the Topps stand during the Monza GP and we imagine in other races in Europe.

The solution of the mini album, although at a competitive price, we hope is only a parenthesis and not a predominant editorial line of Topps for the future.


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