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Dragon Ball Super Hero TCG (Diramix)


album: Dragon Ball Super – Super Hero TCG (Diramix)

cards: 162 (1-162)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 7,90€

box: 20 packets (6 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

Easier to find Haaland’s rookie than to understand all the Lamincard collections released on the ever-beloved Dragon Ball character! Even just the Diramix editions, even worse if we start from the legendary Edibas which has the merit of being the first to truly believe not only in the character but also in this transparent version of the cards, the lamincard, Italian pride.

Finally, after so many years, Diramix creates cards that are recognizable from the previous ones, in a simple way. Not only for the title of the series that we find on the individual cards (which, however, might not be enough if another super hero is subsequently made) but because the year of production is finally reported, in this case 2022.

It is a detail that we have always reported in our reviews of previous collections, we do not have the bravado to think that this change is related to someone in Diramix who has read our site, but we were probably not the only ones to have reported the problem.

The 162 cards are the classic standard of the Diramix collections, the specials seem to us to be higher in number than the norm. We find them scattered in the collection and they are all from number 127 onwards. The choice, up to a certain point understandable, of having 9 rare golds, the last of the series from 154 to 162, is also renewed. only to give an indication on the development of the game which, honestly, we think interests a small part of the potential buyers.

Compared to the previous series, one card less for the same expense of 2.00 euros. Yet another collection of Dragon Ball cards?!? If they continue to release them and at an average of two per year, it means that they have a good audience of loyalists and true believers.


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