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MINIONS 2 (Topps)


album: MINIONS 2 (Topps)

stickers: 160 (1-160)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 4,99€

box: 36 packets (6 stcikers per packet) 1,00€ cad.

Dear Topps, do you like to win easy ?! The Minions are among the most brilliant ideas in the animation world of the new millennium, the release of their new film is a perfect opportunity for an album that can have great potential. So we could limit ourselves to doing a standard job, maybe the product can sell regardless, instead we find ourselves in front of a really interesting collection.

The album graphics are very varied and fun, leafing through does not give you a feeling of something repetitive, on the contrary, each page is different from the previous and the next. An explosion of colors and lyrics that cannot leave you unharmed, it almost seems to have a minion leafing through the album with us and telling us in our ear “Do you think you’ve already seen everything? See what happens on the next page! “. With the backgrounds you have the feeling of visiting a modern art exhibition.

Spoiler! The album is closely linked to the story of the film, alternating with curious pages where Topps helps us get to know the world of Minion. We believe it is one of those albums where, at least for the older ones, we understand that it is impossible for children to do so, it would be better to wait, find all the stickers and then start attaching them following the layout of the album. Can’t you? So our advice is to complete it and then take a little time by rereading it from the beginning.

If you’ve seen the trailer at the cinema, great prominence is given to the Minions’ adventure in the airport world. We are not sure that anyone would really dare to get on the plane of such a company but who knows, in the current delirium of the transport sector, maybe it would even be fun. The album also dedicates space to this story in history and it is really impossible to remain serious.

An album that we certainly recommend, the quality of the paper is not exactly excellent, but much more acceptable than what is (sometimes) seen around. You know that we are fans of shaped stickers, in this case the format is only classic, even if in two sizes. It could certainly be an added value, but it would probably have changed the graphic layout of the product and honestly, we already like it that way to imagine it different.

At the beginning we wrote about “easy winning”, certainly in the individual stickers, many are beautiful and fun, really fun to open the packet to discover the new Minions that can appear. Speaking of packets, for some time now, with some exceptions, we have decided not to dwell too much on the cost, the cost of living is striking everywhere and the increase in card costs does not help. Topps makes some choices that deserve applause: packet of 6 stickers with always a bright giant present; album that does not become impossible to complete, no cards (THANK YOU!) that weigh down (not always but often) the product and make it more complicated and unrealistic compared to the current market. Even the total number of stickers (160) and the box of 36 packets, allows us to hope that with the purchase of a box you can have good hopes of going very close to the complete set.

In our humble opinion, the box must contain a number of packets strictly related to the total number of stickers, they are two aspects that cannot travel separately or the real risk is that after a negative experience, especially parents (but also collectors) will try somewhere else..


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