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As Figurine Forever Association we are the first and most convinced supporters of the project, buying the packets of the most important albums on newsstands (on average 70% of those that come out) to create a collector of the stickers and cards available and be able to start swaps (always 2 × 1).

The binder for swaps can be found for as long as the collection is available at newstand Edicola Birra, our goal is to multiply the stickers that will then be donated to the Campaign.

At the end of this period (usually 6-12 months) the collector is emptied and the second phase starts, dividing the stickers and cards into three parts:

Part 1: the stickers and cards to try to create complete sets for our SolidAlbum (albums + complete sticker sets)

Part 2: the stickers not needed for the sets are kept 2/3 copies per issue and available for swaps or contributions for another 6-12 months, kept in our warehouse, subsequently they will be offered for sale as incomplete sets at popular price (with or without album)

Part 3: the stickers and cards not necessary for the sets, available in more than 2/3 copies, will be immediately put on sale as lots, where, unlike the incomplete sets, you can also find more numbers of the same sticker/card, they are normally sold at 1 or 2 euros per lot

Even the blocks of stickers/cards that will subsequently be donated, often years after the collection was released, are divided as described above. 100% of the contributions collected will go to the Adotta Con La Figurina project for long distance adoptions in Madagascar at the Mondobimbi Tafita Tulear Village

IMPORTANT: you can find the list of SolidAlbum on our website, swaps (always 2 × 1) are made ONLY at Edicola Birra Fumetteria, we do not make online with shipping. The packages of incomplete sets or lots are placed in mixed boxes that we take out during the FIGUCON and the Comics Fairs that are periodically held in Bologna. For logistical reasons, we only bring part of the SolidAlbum to events in other cities.

We do NOT keep a list of the “incomplete sets” or “batches” packages we prepare, we are unable to say what is left and what has gone, the only solution is to come to the events.

For warehouse management reasons and given the very important commitment we have with the production of our solidarity stickers, also considering that everything is on a voluntary basis, we do NOT provide missing list of past albums, all the over 500,000 stickers we have and all the subsequent ones that will arrive are sorted as described above.

We thank all those who have donated to us and continue to donate stickers, cards and albums. The collection continues, the goal of 1 MILLION stickers is not a mirage!

It is important to remember that thanks to all this we have reached the goal of 11 long distance adoptions (3,300 euros per year) in both 2020 and 2021, in 2022 we are 5 out of 11.


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