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SATANIK – all the covers (Gazzetta dello Sport)


album: Satanik – All covers (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

stickers: 231 (1-231)

album and first 4 stickers: € 5.99 with Satanik in color nr.1

subsequent releases: € 6.99 per volume for 70 planned

It is predictable that after Kriminal also Satanik would have his own dedicated series and consequent sticker album. The two characters created by Max Bunker and Magnus are the history of Italian comics, interesting that after so many years there is still interest that leads to these editorial news.

The choice of color is questionable, which could make sense if the coloring was done by a team connected to the story of the character, who knows her. Here’s simple coloring that’s a punch in the stomach at work in black and white. Certainly everyone has their own tastes, but if a product is born in black and white, it must remain, unless there is the intervention of experts or enthusiasts.

The comment on the editorial choice is linked to the considerations of having a missed opportunity in front of you. As with Kriminal, if you are only interested in the sticker album, the total expense is demanding. Although more affordable than “the skull”, simply because the Satanik comic series has far fewer numbers.

The album is still interesting, the 1970s covers are small works of art, just think of those created by Luigi Corteggi, also seen at work, for example, with the covers of Bonelli’s Piccolo Ranger. The layout of the album is simple but effective, the stickers do their part.

Too bad only for the editorial choice, as a work we prefer the previous one in hardcover, more faithful to the original. Only for true fans or those who simply want to read the Satanik saga without looking for the original, rare and much more expensive books, without worrying too much about the quality of the print.


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