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F1 TURBO ATTAX 2022 (Topps)

album: F1 Turbo Attax 2022 (Topps)

cards: 179 (1-179) + 21 limited edition (LE1-LE21) + others limited

starter pack: album + 20 cards + 1 card XXL 8,99€

box: 24 packets (10 cards per packet) 2,00€ each

multipack Max Verstappen: 25 cards + 1 card limited 4,99€

multipack Lewis Hamilton: 25 cards + 1 card limited 4,99€

value box: 25 cards + 1 card limited 4,99€

mini tin box 36 cards + 2 card limited 7,99€

F1 Turbo Attax are back! You can decide to collect in two different ways, complete the basic set, fortunately not too large, or embark on the adventure of really finding them all, a costly operation but not too complicated if we limit ourselves to the classic 21 limited. Just purchase all the different Turbo Attax releases, hoping to be lucky enough to find the missing ones. The autographed cards, the twenty SS, are not written in how many copies have been made but certainly few. Give up your holidays this year and maybe you can buy them all from the lucky ones who will find them in the bags.

In our card reviews, we don’t give too much consideration to the gaming part, knowing that most of us actually only care about finding all the missing cards. In this case, however, it does not seem a secondary aspect to us, the dashboard / poster where the cards are stored has the shape of a circuit but we older ones certainly also remind us of the mythical and immortal Game of the Goose. At the same time the rules are simple, the different cards can allow you to play again up to almost infinity.

The section of the cards related not only to the drivers, but also to the Team Principals as well as beautiful photos of the cars has also been expanded. All this, added as said to the different strategy cards, makes the collection very interesting. Perhaps for those interested in just collecting, they would have preferred more photos, but we find this solution more effective.

The graphics are very captivating, the 20 of the riders with the particular helmet also are a beautiful sight. For each team we have the card logo, the car, the team manager and three per driver. With the first 99 cards you will have this complete mini set, from 100 to 121 the drivers of the F2 and from the 122 to the 131 also those of the F3.

From 132 to 179 the “extras” that go into more details and curiosities, always very appreciable the 10 cards where the teammates are put together. Two important details, at least for us, the first is the photos of the drivers, posing as a card, which stand out well on our little paper friends, the second is the presence of the team logo on the back which does not make them all the same. It will be a detail but we believe it is an excellent choice and we appreciate it.

As with the sticker version (out in August), the album is affected by two aspects to which space is not dedicated, the circuits and the great champions of the past. If for the Turbo Attax it may be understandable to limit the number of cards, for the classic stickers it could be a not insignificant added value.


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