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album: Buzz Lightyear (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-182, H1-H10), 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per bustina) 1,00€ each

mini box of 5 packets 4,99€

“To infinity and beyond!”. From the legendary Toy Story animated films, finally revealed the true story of our favorite space ranger. Did we really need it? All the children, even us adults, in recent years we had already imagined him to travel in space and fight the bad guys, aliens and not. Now it is time for Pixar to dedicate the original film and we support the choice!

However modern animation, if you peeked at the trailer at the cinema like us, the film looks very interesting. The sticker albums dedicated to feature films can be of two different types, in one case they can take the place of a very pleasant preview, in the other they tell about it.

This album is the second case, at this point you can choose whether to attach the stickers and then go and see the film, like after reading the comic or the book that inspired it, or wait and, as we had already written for the album of Jurassic World, stick the stickers remembering the epic moments.

It is also the ideal starting point to appreciate this album, the funny cartoon story transformed into stickers. The rectangular format amplifies the cinema effect, the high quality “frames” like all Disney films also work well with our little paper friends.

In our opinion it is a well-curated album, important captions that accompany the story, the specials in particular to present the characters. Double central poster, with the inside for the ten H stickers. The album paper is a small step back on quality, but still acceptable compared to other horrors seen mostly in 2020 and 2021. Small, but effective stickers, albums that after being completed it certainly makes the impact well, to be browsed page after page.

It would have been great with a sticker-only version (so 5 and not 4 per packet), with a lower cost. The cards honestly do not excite us, also taking into account the box of just 24 packets, the solution of making “only” 36 cards could help.

The day when the market rules will no longer make it necessary to do so often (often, in fact, sometimes it is an added value) this mix of stickers and cards with the sole result of raising costs for buyers and making it much more complicated to complete the collection, that day will be a good day, but unfortunately we fear that we will never see it.


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