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FROZEN 2: Album story

album: FROZEN 2 album story (Panini)

stickers: 192 (1-192) + 50 cards (C1-C50)

starter pack: album + 2 packets 2,90€

box: 25 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

mini box 5 packets 4,90€

We have lost count, there are so many albums dedicated to Frozen, so much so that they can be considered an independent part of the Disney production. It is certainly a much loved product, probably the biggest hit since the time of the Lion King in Disney cartoons.

Could such a large production of sticker albums or cards make sense without a third chapter of the saga on the horizon? Of course yes, even if the story is now known. In fact, this album does not hide any secrets, a bit like illustrated books, it just tells the second adventure of Elsa and Anna, with a small preamble to mention where we were left after the first feature film.

The album is divided into chapters, faithfully reflecting what happens in the cartoon. Most of the stickers seem new to us, even if we remember several images in the cards, after all the “frames” of the film are those, they cannot invent others. But it is an album that you may like, especially the graphic layout is interesting, standard, special and shaped stickers that alternate.

The sore point is that Panini does not know how to go beyond the fixed pattern, the one already seen, perhaps not even with a certain foresight regarding the potential success of the album or it is simply more the obligation to release periodic products to maintain the rights. Hence the presence of the cards, which give a contribution to the quality of the album equal to nothing, essentially a repetition of what has already been proposed by the stickers.

With the pejorative fact that they only raise the cost of the product, making it unappetizing, also taking into account that we are towards the summer and The Kingdom of Ice has a much more Christmas theme. We think that an album with a much lower number of stickers (140? Even less) and without cards (50 are, almost always, an exaggeration, but perhaps it is the “minimum questionable” to maintain the famous rights) would have been much more suitable.

Pleasant album, nothing more. Staying on the Frozen theme, the previous “Crystal Edition” is much more appropriate.


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21 December 2019