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album: LEGO Ninjago TCG Series 2 (Blue Ocean)

cards: 256 (1-252) + 4 cards LE

starter pack: binder + 1 packet + 1 card limited + 1 card XXL 9,99€

box: 25 packets (5 cards per packet) 1,50€ each

tin box: to be announced

Exactly 2 years after the first series, the new collection of Lego Ninjago cards arrives on newsstands. The first was fantastic, the second is also excellent. One might wonder why two years go by, but if we think about what has happened in the world in the last 24 months, then we really understand if, by hypothesis, Blue Ocean has decided to postpone the release.

The German publisher has a different approach than others, if the request for missing cards follows the same line as the first series, limited and (perhaps) platinum cards aside, it is relatively easy to complete. Considering that the Italian edition is in any case less rich than the foreign one, with fewer variations, Germany from this point of view is a world apart.

Also of quality is the rich starter pack full of information with the confirmation of the central mega poster with all the photos of the cards. The information is many and varied to help not only understand the collection but also the different types of cards, divided, in order of numbering between heroes, villains, epic battles, action, trap and vehicle. As collectors of stickers, we give more weight to images than to the rules of the game.

Final part of the puzzle card binder, three different images for cards 226-252. Returning to the rare cards, the platinum cards (numbered from 253 to 256) are defined as “extremely rare”, the limited ones (numbered LE1-LE4) instead “super rare”. The Italian language is beautiful, it seems to us that “extremely” is a stronger concept than “super” and perhaps they are actually hard to find.

Especially if they cannot be ordered from the publisher, while instead the limited ones, in reality, it is probably enough to buy the upcoming tin boxes and perhaps, as already happened with the Series 1, two different starter packs even if the guide inside does not specify it. A detail that honestly leaves a little perplexing.

For LEGO fans almost a duty, for card fans a valid and above average collection. Lovers of small bricks, run to the newsstand!


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