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album: Rainbow High animated card book (Officina Edicola)

cards: 150 (1-150)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 4,50€

box: 25 packets (4 cards per packet) 1,50€

The way for Officina Edicola’s card collections is effective, we had already noticed it with the previous albums dedicated to Lyon, the first was so incredibly successful that Panini was forced to buy the rights for the future productions of the famous Youtuber. At least in our country without even remotely reaching the results of that first album.

By the way, Panini in January 2021 brought to newsstands a first album by Rainbow, accompanied by Unicorns, part of the same brand. It was a pretty good and colorful album, it seems to us that this collection also follows the line.

Lyon, Rainbow, two albums where the stickers are Panini, the Officina Edicola cards. Both companies are in Modena, more than a question of competition, we think that the link is different, perhaps on some products the multinational releases certain products for others.

The card container, instead of the ugly, obsolete and even polluting plastic pockets, is a nice format with the space to insert the cards as if they were photographs. Who knows, perhaps in 2050 Panini, Topps and other companies will have emptied their warehouses of plastic binders and will be able to devote themselves to solutions that are not only a smile on the environment, but that are objectively and far more pleasant to collect, more “cool” and in the end even more accurate, as in this case.

This is not possible for sports collections, both due to the high number of cards and because often (except for the dull Adrenalyn, for example) even the back has its importance.

It seems we have taken this review away but in reality we believe we have got the point, the interior graphics are not repetitive (as happened for example with the first Lyon) but rather they are an integral part of the collection, a bit like it happens with many of the albums. of classic stickers.

Finally, the cards are small but very nice, varied, special and will make little girls happy because they look good even alone, with their 3D or transparent images. Number of total cards which in our opinion could be even more limited but in general, for fans, a product that is still valid.


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9 April 2024