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MAKE SWAP NOT WAR: distribution of albums to ukrainan children at FIGUCON ROMA

Make Swap Not War!

On Sunday 8 May we spent some time with the Ukrainian children who were guests of the hotel where the FIGUCON 7 was held within the MUSIC DAY.

Having learned of the presence of these friends from Ukraine, we thought it would be unthinkable to organize a figurine fair without finding a way to involve them, to feel them part of our days.

Thanks to Pizzardi Editore’s donation of 15,000 packets and 150 albums from the Amici Cucciolotti collection and the institutional collaboration with the IX Municipality of Rome, in the days preceding the initiative was made known through flyers in Ukrainian at the reference spaces.

Albums that they did not know, it could not be otherwise, but the language of stickers, of a packet to open, of a number to look for by leafing through the pages and then removing the tissue and attaching it (possibly straight, thanks to the interpreter we also said it to them), it is a universal language and all the children of the world should have only problems like this, find the last sticker in the last package to complete the album.

These days, the Mercure Hotel will certainly be the scene of “wild” swapping of stickers between 150 children, who knows who will be the first to complete it.

For the photos, we asked the mothers for permission, in reality they too were quite busy opening sachets, in general and very engaging enthusiasm.

Thanks to Pizzardi Editore, the Hotel Mercure, Music Day, the President of the Municipality of Rome IX Titti Di Salvo and the other institutions present of Roma Capitale.

We will go back to making FIGUCON in Rome, we have already written about it, it will always be inside the beautiful disco fair and then at the Mercure Hotel. We hope by then the children can be back home, to their land and that Peace has returned.

In Stickers We Trust, In Peace We Trust, In Children We Trust

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