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FIGUCON FOREVER CARD: FIGUCON 8, Bologna 19 giugno 2022!

FIGUCON FOREVER! With the eighth edition of our event, in an unusual summer version, we renew what has already been done with the previous edition in Rome, celebrating the event with one of our solidarity cards, in an ultra-limited and numbered edition. As we have already announced, every time there will be a FIGUCON, there will be a new solidarity card. Exclusively for the event, it will not be available on our website afterwards.

We wanted to pay homage to a great champion, who unfortunately left us recently but is alive in the hearts of all Italians, Paolo “Pablito” Rossi, thanks also to his goals, Italy won the Espana82 world championship. Of that incredible team, with everyone we know the formation by heart, Rossi is its symbol.

Daniele Bonesso is an illustrator with a past as a cartoonist. He created the splendid drawing of Pablito.

Limited and numbered edition of only 82 copies. The number 20, like the number of Pablito’s jersey at that world championship, will remain in the archives of the Figurine Forever Association.

The solidarity card will be available exclusively at FIGUCON 8 in Bologna, on June 19.

Special Edition Paolo Rossi
Card + Postcard
Limited and numbered edition 82 copies

EXCLUSIVE FIGUCON 8, Bologna 19th june 2022
c/o Pontelungo Summer Festival

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