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Celebrative Sticker #24: RUGGERO BAGIALEMANI!

Ruggero Forever! Baseball is a marvelllous sport, if we were in the US some of our champions would be absolute myths, highly sought after even in stickers. In Italy it is different, but a champion is a champion and we are happy to make the second solidarity card dedicated to Baseball. After Alberto “Toro” Rinaldi, the Celebrative Sticker # 24 is the symbol of Nettuno and the Italian national team, Ruggero Bagialemani.

The two champions also have in common the jersey number, the number 20, which no one else will be able to wear because their respective clubs, Fortitudo for Toro and Nettuno for Ruggero have withdrawn it. Not only that, Ruggero declared that the choice of that number is precisely to pay tribute to the great Rinaldi. Now the two champions not only share the jersey number, but both be a Celebrative Sticker!

Not just Nettuno! Ruggero Bagialemani is also a record man for the Italian national team, he has participated in 3 Olympics and 7 world championships. The solidarity card wants to celebrate both his long career in the club of the city near Rome, but also the charm of this incredible sport. For this reason, the printing is 108 copies, like the seams on a baseball. A number that will also remain in the future solidarity cards we will make for baseball, after all, as they say, there is no 2 without 3.

Fundamental partner to create this new solidarity card, was Il Bar del Baseball, the most important reality for all fans in Italy. While waiting for the dream of a Baseball Museum in Nettuno to become a reality, a place to visit, the work they carry out is commendable.

Baseball and the city of Nettuno are one, for the first time our solidarity card has the honor (but also the burden) of being sponsored by a public institution. Thanks to the Municipality and also to the Pro Loco di Nettuno for having joined and supported our initiative.

The Celebrative was created by directly involving the champion who enthusiastically supported our initiative. The proceeds will be entirely donated to the ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA initiative to support long distance adoptions in Madagascar.

Celebrative Sticker # 24 – Sticker + Folder
Limited edition 108 copies numbered

SOLD OUT (copie rimaste 0/108)

The folders of the solidarity stickers are numbered from 1 to 108, the number you receive is random. The choice of the specific number is a pre-sale service only and only for the members of Figurine Forever

12 free copies have also been printed, they do not have the consecutive number from 1 to 108. These copies were distributed as follows: 5 copies to Bagialemani family, 1 copy to Il Bar del Baseball, 1 copy to Baseball Museum of Nettuno (Rome), 1 copy to Alberto “Toro” Rinaldi, 1 copy to the Municipality of Nettuno, 1 copy to Pro Loco of Nettuno, 2 copies to the Figurine Forever Association.
The copy number 20 was not put up for sale but donated to the Bagialemani family.

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