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Celebrative Sticker #23: BRUNO NERI!

Bruno Neri Forever! Exactly one year ago we presented the Celebrative Sticker # 10 dedicated to the partisan footballer, the initiative met with incredible enthusiasm, so much so that the 99 copies of the solidarity sticker sold out in a very short time.

From many sides they asked us for a reprint, but our solidarity stickers do not provide for it, so we made an appointment for 2022. The footballer, who died partisan on 10 July 1944, during a firefight with the Nazis, made famous by a famous photograph that he portrays him at the Florence Stadium, in 1931, while he does not pay homage to the fascist hierarchs.

If the first sticker was a “what if”, imagining Neri as the footballer of the 1938 world champion national team, this time we have traveled a good part of his sporting life, celebrating not only the man but also his city, Faenza, which gave him entitled the stadium and a plaque where he lived, which we decided to add to the folder.

For these reasons the stickers of Bruno Neri are:
. in his last season, as a player at Faenza, printed in 99 copies
. with the Fiorentina shirt in the 1931/32 season, printed in 50 copies
. with the FC Torino shirt in the 1938/39 season, printed in 50 copies, where the player from Romagna scores his only goal with the grenade shirt and it is also the season before the outbreak of the Second World War.

In the folder there is also a large image with the Torino shirt. Some photos are the same as the first solidarity sticker, unfortunately there is very little photographic material on Bruno Neri, but the colors of his shirts are updated, especially that of Fiorentina where he does not make the fascist salute. In the Celebrative Sticker # 10 he wore the blue shirt, in this the most real purple shirt, the same colors of that day.

Finally, we also wanted to celebrate the other Neri of Faenza, Giacomo, six years younger than Bruno, a footballer for Juventus, Genoa and Inter and also for the national team. The photo shows them together, Neri I and Neri II, two very different stories but both of which have brought the white and blue colors of their city to their hearts.

We recently remembered Vittorio Staccione, a footballer deported and killed in Mauthausen, Bruno Neri’s teammate in Florence, both players of Turin but at different times. The “legend” tells that they were friends, they certainly shared the same negative sentiment towards ideology and even more so about fascist practices.


The proceeds will be entirely donated to the ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA initiative to support long distance adoptions in Madagascar.

Celebrative Sticker # 23 – Sticker + Folder
Limited edition 199 copies numbered
Faenza variant, 99 copies
Fiorentina variant, 50 copies
FC Torino variant, 50 copies
(the sequence between the 3 different stickers with respect to the numbering of the folders is random, they are in no particular order)

Cost € 5.00

+ postage costs (for Italy € 5.00, Europe € 8.00)

How to pay:

  • Bank transfer: 
    Bank:Emil Banca – Credito Cooperativo 
    Branch:Borgo Panigale, Bologna Italia 
    IBAN:IT82 Y070 7202 4000 0000 0427 519 
    For purchases by bank transfer, please always follow an email to
  • Paypal to the address only, with Paypal the price per sticker is € 5.00

AVAILABLE NOW! (copies available 73/199)

the folders of the solidarity stickers are numbered from 1 to 199, the number you receive is random. The choice of the specific number is a pre-sale service only and only for the members of Figurine Forever

10 free copies have also been printed, they do not have the consecutive number from 1 to 199. These copies were distributed as follows: 2 copies to Neri family, 1 copy to Municipality of Faenza, 1 copy to Giordano Sangiorgi (MEI), 1 copy to ANPI Faenza, 1 copy to Faenza Calcio, 1 copy to Grande Torino Museum, 1 copy to Museum of Fiorentina, 2 copies to Figurine Forever Association

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