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album: Ninna e Matti (Idea Lab)

stickers: 110 (1-110)

starter pack: album + 3 packets 3,90€

box: 25 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€ each

Not just Meteheroes! At Idea Lab they got a taste of it, after the two albums dedicated to the cartoon of superheroes in defense of the environment, they launch into the world of YouTube. Personally a choice that always makes us happy, if the new idols of kids continue to appear on newsstands with sticker albums, it means that our little paper friends still have their market and their charm. Welcome, long live the stickers!

There are so many albums related to the internet world that even here, on our site, we have decided to create the “Web Heroes” category. Last album, but others will surely arrive, is that of Ninna and Matti. The young couple from Grosseto has largely exceeded one million followers on YouTube, thanks to their entertaining videos of challengers and small and big daily adventures.

The album proposes a formula that we have already seen with other web heroes, a solution we do not consider convenient but a choice because it works, alternating real photos with cartoon versions.

The album is an introduction to the world of the couple, how they met (“the origins”, a bit like Superheroes), their interests, travels, of course videogames and all their friends, including, interesting news , other characters of the web. In short, a sort of Ninna and Matti Universe, which also bodes well for possible future crossover albums (yes, our influence as comic lovers often makes itself felt!)

Speaking of comics, the final part of the album dedicated to a story, four pages with shaped stickers to complete the drawings. A very nice addition that almost concludes an album where another important aspect in our opinion should be pointed out. The total number of stickers is just 108, we fully agree with the choice. Both for the speed with which the market moves, and for the still high number of editorial proposals on the newsstands, essential albums are welcome, but not limited to them. You don’t get the feeling that something is left behind and on the contrary you can create the foundations to maybe make a next one, after all that “goodbye!” at the end of the album it looks promising.

In the packets that we have opened, the stickers seem to us the good complement of an album that will surely appeal to fans of Ninna and Matti. In addition to various animated images, the stickers give the feeling of not being “stolen” photos from the video set, but rather selfies and photos made on purpose, as if what we have in our hands were not just an album of stickers, but a real family album.

With 110 stickers in total and the box of 25 packets, if you are lucky, with a very low cost it is really possible to complete it easily. Let’s dispel the myth that sticker albums must always be monumental and complicated to find all the stickers, the rare ones, rookies and the multitudes let’s leave them for the Calciatori and a few others, sometimes not even these would be necessary.

Thanks to Idea Lab for the quality of the album paper, shiny but good and without creases, someone much bigger than this, they will excuse us, small publisher should learn to have more respect for their buyers and stickers lovers in general.


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