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album: Fantastic Beasts – The secrets of Dumbledore (Panini)

stickers: 120 (1-120) + 30 cards (C1-C30)

starter pack: album + 5 packets + 3 card limited 4,90€

box: 24 packets (4 stickers + 1 card per packet) 1,00€ each

t is always complicated when an opinion is already negative, especially if in reality there are several interesting aspects. Our considerations cannot suffer the negative impact of the album paper which, once again, is a punch in the stomach.

We are not asking for top quality paper, but acceptable, collectible, decent, that is. The feeling is that there is really a total lack of respect not only towards the buyers but also the history of Panini, at least of the Panini family, of the four or rather eight brothers and of Nonna Olga, celebrated by us with a card.

The annoying point, beyond any other aspect, is that these shortcomings heavily affect those who, in the Panini household, have not forgotten history, tradition and seriousness. Result: albums that are interesting from many points of view, are eventually massacred by details where the paper crisis is just a mere excuse, if Panini herself, at the same time, releases albums with matte and non-glossy paper that do not cause problems. And other publishers, almost all of them, use glossy paper but without all these disasters.

It is really a big shame because the album linked to the Harry Potter Universe proves to be quite interesting. First of all in the formula, in our opinion winning, no more time for biblical albums (for those Calciatori are enough) but essential, to the point that the sometimes useless cards can also be digested. “Dumbledore’s Secrets” contains just 120 stickers, an excellent solution, especially in an era where the boxes that arrive at newsstands contain only 24 packets. To be (very) optimistic, we are satisfied that we can find an adequate number of stickers other than having to then only make a limited order of missing ones at Panini between stickers and card.

The album is divided into two parts, in the first pages (stickers from 1 to 44) space for the previous films, this also explains the background graphics to the minimum terms. There is, as the right change of style compared to the following pages where we get to the heart of the new film and where in the images we find beautiful and large photos of scenes from the film, in black and white which makes it all very fascinating, right contrast with the stickers above. which are obviously in color. An appreciable detail, by attaching the stickers, the images below still maintain vitality with the various characters / actors still clearly visible.

The stickers are certainly not trivial, the editorial line is similar to the previous albums, correct choice since the quality is excellent, as well as the larger format than the standard. The frame, also special silver or gold, allows you to have that picture effect that, you will see, will make you spend more than a moment enjoying the photographs. Photographs, not “frames” from the film, this is what they seem. Really beautiful.

The 30 cards are ultimately a good filler for a good collection. In the starter pack there are also 3 limited edition cards. Another detail that we appreciate, compared to other collections, is the size of the limited, equal to the 30 cards found in the packets, this should allow you to keep them all together in the dedicated box, attached to the album.

The stickers are beautiful, the limited formula of stickers and cards to complete the album is good, a pity, a real shame about the insult (sorry, we can’t find a more correct term) of the quality of the paper. And if Panini ever had the intention of releasing a hardcover version, it would not be remotely a solution for those who have the right to be able to collect in a curated, traditional and stapled album.


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