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album: Minecraft – Time to mine TCG (Panini)

cards: 207 (1-207)

starter pack: binder + 3 packets + 4 card limited 9,90€

standard box: 18 packets (8 cards per packet) 2,99€ cad.

value pack box: 10 packets (26 cards per packet) 8,50€ cad.

Minecraft is back! In reality it is difficult to think that they had ever left, given the millions of fans that this game has all over the world, if we are on the third album (2 of cards, 1 of stickers) in a short time Panini probably also found interest. in the products made.

An important collection also in terms of costs, not exactly economic, but in contrast to other productions we can see a good quality, even in the details. As already happened in the previous collection, the back of the cards has a different image from the front. The not too high number of cards therefore allows them to be stored in the binder 9 per envelope, so as to enjoy both images.

While it is true that on the one hand Panini, for some time, has no longer considered newsstands the center of its universe, with exclusive or preview products on its website, on the other hand, at least in this case, there are also different products for the traditional market ..

In cases like these, the starting point is as important as the arrival, if the intention is to have cards to make the children happy, every single purchase can be enough, if the desire is to try to complete the collection, you need to be patient and .. a budget that is not impressive but still important. Incalculable if you decide to find all the variations.

The checklist included in the binder is essential to understand the collection which is not random, but well organized presenting the whole Minecraft world. The first 63 are mainly dedicated to the characters, from 55 to 81 space for scenarios, all nine cards are needed to get the complete image, from very interesting and original comic book fans the sketch cards, 18 and then to continue many other characters.

In our own small way, we believe fans will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cards, also by their variety, also taking into account that out of 207 total cards 108 are special, metal or mirror effect. Do you want to look for them all, really all? Well, there are even 53 cards in “parallel” version, holographic silver or gold.

It is appreciated that the checklist is also very useful for those who want to reach the final goal. Just browse the attachment to understand what they are and how to mark them. They are details, but important and we like to point them out. Although in reality, the variants are simply those between 2 and 54. All the stickers can, if lucky, be found in the standard packets, except for the limited ones that can only be purchased in the starter packs, the standard one and the online one. on the Panini website, actually the same with the addition of two limited packets (not exactly ethical move towards newsstands, but we have already commented before).

So summarizing 207 complete basic set cards + 106 parallel + at least 6 limited edition cards = 319 total cards .. but that’s not necessarily the end of it!


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