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FORTNITE 3 Golden Frame Series (Panini)


album: Fortnite 3 Golden Frame Series (Panini)

stickers: 248 (1-248)

starter pack: tba

box: 36 packets (5 stickers per packet) 1,00€ each

You can be passionate or not, but if you are in contact, even indirectly, with children and adolescents, you cannot fail to know Fortnite. Brand of such success that it also makes crossovers with some historical characters from comics, such as Batman.

Panini comes out with the third album of adhesive stickers, to which must also be added those of card. Fortnite’s success is evident, this allows us to save ourselves from the usual process of having a unique collection of stickers + cards, more complicated to complete, more expensive.

We liked the previous album very much, in terms of presentation and development of the album. This is why we have gone back many steps, it is not even a question whether the internal graphics can be liked or not, they simply are not there.

As in an 80’s album, space is simply for stickers. The first 33 pages are practically the same as each other, as you can see from the photo above, except for some gold or other brackets. It is true that the album features 100 different costumes, so the stickers are absolute protagonists, but a few splashes of different colors might suit us well. Short captions under the stickers.

After 196 stickers, the album takes a new turn with different shapes to complete the pages. Graphics reminiscent of the previous album. Showing the individual characters, the final part deals with the various series and their particularities: Oscura, Frozen, Lava, Ombre, Juicy. Ghosts against Shadows, vehicles and consumables close the album. It may be that to the fans everything seems perfect, for us who look more at the whole and less at the substance, it seems like a job done without too much impetus.

More articulated reasoning on stickers. Larger than normal size, lots of gold specials (after all it is the Golden Series ..) which also help to make the cost of the bag less indigestible at 1 euro. Now consolidated price for many releases, sure that an extra card in a packet would not have been bad. In practice, an album that is not exceptional, stickers that positively save the final judgment, however a step backwards compared to the previous one released in 2020.


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