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Celebrative Sticker #20: VITTORIO STACCIONE!

Vittorio Staccione Forever! So that the memory of Vittorio, of his history, of all the stories related to the political and racial persecutions of fascism and the consequent, for many, deportation to Nazi concentration camps, may never be forgotten, may never be “a history of other times” , to be placed in the drawer.

We are happy and proud to announce the Celebrative Sticker # 20 solidarity sticker, dedicated to Vittorio Staccione. The sporting and human history of the turin footballer goes hand in hand with the darkest twenty years in Italy.

The refusal to bow to Mussolini’s regime undoubtedly made Vittorio’s career as a footballer very complicated; despite the intimidation and even the repeated physical violence suffered by the fascist squads, Staccione on the playing field was able to leave his mark, both in his beloved Torino FC, where he grew up, and later in Cremonese, Fiorentina and Cosenza.

Intense, bitter story, more than others worthy of becoming a film, which is well told in Francesco Veltri’s book “Il mediano di Mauthausen” (Diarkos editions, 2019), thanks also to the collaboration with Federico Molinario, Vittorio’s nephew. It is above all thanks to Federico and the Grande Torino Museum that put us in contact if we were able to carry out this project; thanks also to the Panathlon Club of Cremona and to the Fiorentina Museum if the memory of Staccione is still alive.

Vittorio Staccione, on 12 March 1944, was arrested by the police in Turin and handed over to the SS to be deported to concentration camps, he died in Mauthausen on 16 March 1945; his brother Francesco, deported to the same concentration camp, will follow him nine days later.

For the solidarity sticler, we assumed that history had gone differently, that Italy was a better country in those years and that therefore Vittorio Staccione, solely for his proven football skills, could make his debut and become a protagonist also in the national team. He too triumphed at the International Tournament held between 1927 and 1930, forerunner of that winning Italy of coach Pozzo who will bring the Azzurri to the throne of the world twice in the following 8 years.


With the proceeds of this new solidarity sticker + folder, it will be possible to support the activities of ANED the National Association Ex Deported in the nazi camps (; we strongly feel the need to keep the memory of what happened alive and daily, because it should never happen again. At the same time, 60 copies will be donated to the Grande Torino Museum for sale at their in-house shop. We want to remember Vittorio Staccione both for the great man, persecuted, that he was, and for the great footballer, as the facts say, that he was.

FanForever Card #20 – Sticker + Folder
Limited and numbered edition 245 copies

Cost € 7.00

+ postage costs (for Italy € 5.00, Europe € 8.00)

How to pay:

  • Bank transfer: 
    Bank:Emil Banca – Credito Cooperativo 
    Branch:Borgo Panigale, Bologna Italia 
    IBAN:IT82 Y070 7202 4000 0000 0427 519 
    For purchases by bank transfer, please always follow an email to
  • Paypal to the address only, with Paypal the price per card is € 1.00 more
  • On Ebay

AVAILABLE NOW! (copies available 34/245)

the folders of the solidarity stickers are numbered, the number you receive is random. The choice of the specific number is a pre-sale service only and only for the members of Figurine Forever

15 free copies have also been printed, they do not have the consecutive number. The 15 copies were distributed as follows: 5 copies to the Staccione family, 1 copy to journalist Francesco Veltri, 1 copy al to Grande Torino Museum, 1 copy to Fiorentina Museum, 1 copy to Panathlon Club of Cremona, 1 copy to ANED Milano, 1 copy to ANED Bologna, 1 copy to Aned Torino, 1 copy to ex footballer Eraldo Pecci, 2 copies to Figurine Forever Association

The choice to print 245 copies is not accidental, that final “45” is a clear reference to when man’s madness and cruelty put an end to the life of an Italian sports champion

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