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GENOA the stickers 2021/22 (Erredi)


album: Genoa the stickers 2021/22 (Erredi)

stickers: 230 (1-230)

album: 1,00€

box: 50 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

Also this year we have the opportunity to review the Grifone album. The oldest Italian football team, in its official album, made as in recent years by Erredi. Compared to last year, we have fewer stickers, the album is not affected that much. If anything, it’s a little bit of the whole that doesn’t make you cry out for a miracle.

Starting from the cover which, honestly, hardly not convinces us. We probably can’t understand the graphic choice but it seems really too abstract, also taking into account the specific weight that this club has in the history and the passion that distinguishes its fans.

Of course, making a rossoblu sticker album in recent years is not easy, given the high number of players replaced during the season. The same fate often happens to the coaches as well. Let’s say that for thematic collectors, those looking for the specific stickers of a single player, for Sheva fans a must have the stickers from 5 to 8 😉

In the album there are 34 players of the squad, no special treatment, for each of them a page with 5 stickers, the classic bust, the autograph, two full photos always posing (we would have preferred at least one in game action ) and the nicest and most captivating one with the player showing his game number from behind. No special stickers, the lack of stickers in action, as mentioned, makes the album very static and repetitive.

Do not call us nostalgic, even if in reality that is what we are, but the most interesting part of these monothematic albums is often the last where we leave room for history. This year we find many great former Genoa players represented, starting with the best goalkeepers of over in almost 130 years of history. Of course, Giovanni De Prà, the goalkeeper, the protagonist of our solidarity sticker Celebrative Sticker # 16, created in collaboration and in support of the Museum of the History of Genoa, cannot be missing (
After the 16 goalkeepers, it is the turn of the 16 great free throws and finally 26 stickers of Genoese footballers who have achieved great results in their city and their favorite team.

Final page with space for six stickers, updates. There is no further information.
The stickers on the album have nothing particular or innovative, as already written the most interesting, even in terms of graphic choices, are those at the end of the album.


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