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SAMPDORIA the stickers 2021/22 (Erredi)


album: Sampdoria the stickers 2021/22 (Erredi)

stickers: 252 (1-252)

album: 1,00€

box: 50 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

We find it fun to have the opportunity to prepare the reviews of the Genoa and Sampdoria albums together, so that we can compare them, without, who knows, the need to prefer one to the other. So as not to upset the fans of either team.

The graphic layout is similar, but not the same. Above all, this album has 22 more stickers than Genoa’s.

Very large space for the squad, 26 players. Taking into account that the cousins’ album has 34 players, as a result the final part of the album can only be richer. Each player is represented with 5 stickers, nothing particularly exciting, especially a useless repetition of the two whole stickers in pose, one in action would have been more appropriate.

From sticker 176 onwards we enter the second part of the album. Notion of merit is the presence of the female selection stickers, not just some as happens for example with the Europublishing albums of Inter, Milan, Juventus, but as many as 26 stickers! Bravi, who has been following us for some time, knows that we are great advocates of the right space, in all sports albums, even of women’s teams.

From sticker 202 to final 252 we dive into the history of the Sampdoria team, first with the Genoese players who grew up and became important in the team of their city, then with the Top 33 of the greatest players in the history of Sampdoria. Of course, it is impossible to put them all, just as it is to put everyone in agreement. Some names? Pagliuca, Mannini, Vincenzi, Morini, Vierchowood, Lippi, Lombardo, Frustalupi, the goal twins Vialli and Mancini, etc. Obviously, the idol of the curve par excellence could not be missing: Ernestro Bernardo Cucchiaroni, from whom the ultras take their name.

On the back cover, space for the 6 updated stickers. It is not known, at least on the album, how to recover these stickers. Probably in Genova, we hope, there is such a consolidated practice that it is not even necessary to notify it.

We recovered the album but not some stickers, however, being made similar to those of the Genoa album, we can imagine they are not particularly special. If not precisely those related to Sampdoria history and for this reason with an irresistible charm.


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