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FIGUCON 2022: 1830,00 THANKS!

With the FIGUCON 2022 event last January 15 in Bologna (Estragon Club) and related initiatives, we were able to send contributions for € 1,830.00.

This was made possible by the entrances to the event, the support of the participating exhibitors, the sale of the stickers linked to the Adotta Con La Figurina project and the sale of our solidarity stickers.

The sum was distributed through 5 bank transfers to the following Onlus and Associations:

Cucine Popolari, Bologna (500,00€)
Maestri di Strada, Napoli (500,00€)
Porta Pazienza, Bologna (350,00€)
Madabimbi Onlus, Madagascar (300,00€)
Centro Tutela Fauna, Monte Adone Bologna (180,00€)

An incredible result, which pushes us to continue on this path, both with new events (already announced the FIGUCON in Rome on 7/8 May) and with new solidarity stickers.

In Stickers We Trust .. and we really believe in it!

Emiliano Nanni
Figurine Forever Association

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