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album: Dragon Ball Ultimate – TDC (Diramix)

cards: 162 (1-162)

starter pack: binder + 1 packet 6,99€

packet standard : 7 cards 2,00€ (20 packets per box)

packet limited : 11 cards + 1 card ltd edition 5,00€ (10 packets per box)

How many albums have come out of Dragon Ball?!? Has anyone kept the count? Stickers we have had several Panini albums and other publishers. The cards first with Edibas then Diramix .. Probably there are at least twenty, maybe more. A sign that the myth continues to be strong and pleasant. All beautiful but, perhaps we are old, we still do not understand why Diramix (and Edibas before) insists on not personalizing the various collections, so that, subsequently, they are easily recognizable.

This detail, perhaps of little importance for card collectors, for us who come from the stickers, makes the collection unattractive, given over time the difficulty in recognizing the single card of which collection it belongs. Surely it is our limit .. be patient.

Of course, after so many releases it is also difficult to be original, opening just one packet different images seem to us already seen. The lamincards, gloriously born in Italy, are still a valid product, if kept with care. In fact, the transparent part is easy to get dirty.

162 is the perfect number, linked to the spaces that we find inside the binder, so there is no doubt that it does not undergo variations collection after collection. It is very appreciated that Diramix prints the numbering of the cards to be affixed on the sheets, other publishers have also eliminated the small adhesive to be attached. If you collect stickers or cards, you are probably aces with the 9 times table! 🙂

As happened with the previous “Ultra Power”, the last 9 cards are limited edition. The absolute protagonist is the dragon Shenron. To find them you need to buy the special packets. To check if by purchasing the box of 10 you will find the nine different limited cards. Probably not, so good luck swapping!


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