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album: Lyon 2 (Officina Edicola)

cards: 150 (1-150)

starter pack: album + 1 packet 5,50€

box: 24 packets (5 cards per packet) 1,00€ each

Four albums in just over a year, after the incredible success of the first card album made by Officina Edicola, the two (very beautiful) stickers and cards made by Panini, return to the origin with a series of cards again for Officina Edicola. Album that has many things in common with the one released in November 2020, but there is no shortage of news.

In general it seems to us that Officina Edicola has listened to some of the suggestions received from enthusiasts and collectors, while maintaining the same editorial line, the album is better constructed, so much so that, unlike the first, in this case we feel we can say that it is not it is only a card binder.

This is not a secondary aspect, the first series had virtually non-existent graphics on the internal pages. There remained only the valid aspect of a choice to keep the cards without having to resort to plastic binders, also valid in this case. An excellent and appreciable choice, even from an ecological point of view, clearly feasible when it comes to collections with a limited number of cards. This second series, on the other hand, has a much more refined album, different images on each page and above all that refer to the card game connected to the collection.

The album is inspired by the Lyon series “Extreme Survival” and is equally divided into two parts, both at the card level and at the level of thematic pages. The first 75 cards and first 15 pages to the adventures at the Polo, the following 75 cards and 15 pages to the adventures in the desert. In reality, the variants allow you to participate in 10 different missions and the ability to play both alone and with friends.

On the back cover you will find a valid explanation of both how to play and the value and use of the various cards. The much more dynamic presentation within the album also upset the numbering compared to the first series. In the first album we had first the common cards, then the specials and then the rare ones. Here, however, by force of what they are mixed, as the album is divided into two parts.

This random sequence between cards of different values ​​is easily understood thanks to the checklist on the back cover. It starts immediately with a bang, number 1 is an Ultra Rare! As for the first series, the ultra rare, which cannot be ordered from the publisher as missing cards, are four and exactly the numbers 1, 30, 79 and 96. In principle, by purchasing a box of sachets you will find an ultra rare, but it is not a rules, a safety. It can also happen that you are particularly lucky and find more than one. Also in this series in each pack you will find 2 common, 2 special and 1 rare cards.

In general, the cards seem to us improved compared to the first series, in particular to the touch they give us the impression of being more resistant. In terms of graphics we note that, despite having two adventures, we do not find a mere repetition with the different scenography in the background. Polo cards and desert cards are not the same images, of course the characters repeat themselves but with different designs. In short, a new collection that is appreciated, above all while maintaining the costs of the previous one. The album is also more compact.

The “Lyon” passion does not seem to know pauses. Strange to see two publishers working on the same character, but the collections are hugely different. The two Panini are probably among the best productions of the Modenese house of 2021, the two Officina Edicola (also from Modena ..) have a more classic and simple impact but no less interesting.

Adventure is also finding one of the 100 ultra rare cards autographed by Ettore Canu, if by chance you find them send us a photo and we will publish it on our social networks!


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