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December 6, 2021, 31 years after the Salvemini tragedy, the members of the Association expressed their desire to pay homage to the students of the Bolognese school hit by a damaged military plane on December 6, 1990. The circulation was just 33 numbered copies , like the cap of Casalecchio di Reno where the Salvemini Institute is located. The few copies available were distributed to the shareholders who had made a previous request as well as providing some copies to the author of the drawing Giuseppe Lenzone, whom we thank.

The famous photo of the 2nd A class has been revisited following the editorial line of our solidarity stickers, which is why we imagined the boys with the Casalecchio Calcio shirt, just 100 years after its foundation. It is part of our Comics Card but as an “extra” issue, which is why you cannot find it among our publications open to all. 16 unnumbered copies were also printed, which will be delivered to the Municipality of Casalecchio, should any of the families request a copy. Forever Young.

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