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CAPTAIN TSUBASA card game (Panini/Tomy)


album: Captain Tsubasa card game (Panini/Tomy)

cards: 150 (1-150)

starter pack: album + 4 packets 9,90€

box: 24 packets (8 card per packet) 2,00€ each

“Season 1“, first important detail. Captain Tsubasa, Holly & Benji for the oldest of us, is a brand that gathers many fans, it is undeniable that Panini believes in the success of the initiative, so much so that, in fact, it announces that a next one will be released. Also interesting is the choice, finally we add, to dedicate not only a sticker album but a real trading card game to this myth of Japanese cartoons.

In fact, from the insert that we find in the starter pack, we discover that the game is as important as, if not more, the cards themselves. Rather articulated and to be discovered, it also has the advantage that to play it is not necessary to have the complete collection but 46 cards are enough. Number not difficult to reach, considering that 40 cards are already in the starter pack. Of course, fans of cardboard and collectors of stickers / cards certainly cannot help but try to complete the collection.

Also for a rather interesting fact, unlike the myriad albums made so far, other players of the teams are also worthily presented here and not just the “usual suspects”. Although, returning to the initial speech, have fun discovering them and reconnecting them to the players we have known for decades with european names.

As for the rules of the game we leave you to the fun of discovering them for yourself, we can however anticipate that we have three types of cards: character, action and shot. There are no 40 different characters, but they are still quite a number.

The 150 cards contain the basic series of 64 cards, to which the more or less rare (parallel) variants must be added, the silver, the hologram, the gold, to finish at only 4 rainbow. We appreciate the choice, somehow you manage to have the complete deck of game cards without fainting, then whoever wants to can go in search of all the others. Which we sincerely recommend not to try, we bought a whole box of 24 packets and we found only 6 cards under the number 86 and a lot of double and triple cards. In practice, with a hardly appreciable numbering and choice, there are all the cards from 90 to 150 but almost none of the previous ones. Avoid buying a complete box!

The front of the cards is graphically appreciable, with some nice details such as the famous phrases and all the info on how to use the card and the technical characteristics. In short, for a good defense you must surely find Genzo Wakabayashi’s card (yes, Benji). The back of the cards shows only the logo of the series, a little bit. A lens is needed to read card numbers, but children may not have problems like adults.

Interesting collection, perhaps more for trading card enthusiasts than for classic collectors of stickers, certainly a nice sight and a nice novelty for the many fans of the cartoon, in its most modern version. Too bad for the packaging absolutely not in the standards even Panini on the number of identical cards that are inside the same box.


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