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Inter 2021-22 (Euro Publishing)


album: Inter 2021-22 (Euro Publishing)

stickers: 216 (1-216) + 30 cards (I1-I30)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,50€

box: 50 packets (4 packets + 1 card or 5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

Amala, pazza Inter amala“. You have to admit, for any team your heart beats, it’s impossible not to find yourself singing the chorus of the Nerazzurri anthem. And if you are really an Inter fan, then this is your album. Small spoiler: we will open our review with a rather similar phrase also for the Juventus and Milan albums released on the same days.

Year after year, Euro Publishing albums have difficulty renewing themselves, this year of the three released the one linked to Inter Milan is the most interesting and varied, perhaps on the wave of enthusiasm for the championship won. They are perhaps just details but even in a sticker album, the details can make a difference.

Despite the departures of great players such as Lukaku and Hakimi, the club has been able to bring new level players and 7 new arrivals that we find in the front pages: Correa, Dumfries, Cordaz, DiMarco, Calhanoglu, Satriano and Dzeko. Only the Bosnian striker can find three stickers, to point out that he is the top player on which the club has focused.

In the following pages 25 players are presented, each with their own dedicated page, without making distinctions, five stickers for each, a few special ones, from Handanovic to Skriniar, from Barella to Lautaro Martinez.

It is in the final part of the album that you have the most interesting parts, which make the album better than the likes of Juventus and Milan. The 2021 championship is celebrated with two pages that retrace the most important moments of the past season.

For us who, as you know, are very sensitive to solidarity issues, it is important and significant that the final pages open with the beautiful reality of Inter Campus and, after the stickers on the 2021 Scudetto and the women’s and spring teams, close with a beautiful page on the choreography of the curve, especially with a puzzle with 8 stickers.

Classic stickers with bust and action players, a few specials, no caricatures or comics that could make the proposal more varied. The 30 cards are well made. We do not yet know the results on the pitch but at the moment the Inter album wins hands down on Juventus and Milan. Then clearly being an album for fans, everyone will make the choice based on where their heart takes them.


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