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MILAN 2021-22 (Euro Publishing)


album: Milan 2021-22 (Euro Publishing)

stickers: 216 (1-216) + 30 cards (M1-M30)

starter pack: album + 5 packets 3,50€

box: 50 packets (4 stickers + 1 card or 5 stickers per packet) 0,70€ each

“Milan, Milan, sempre con te”. You have to admit, for any team your heart beats, it’s impossible not to find yourself singing the chorus of the “Rossoneri” anthem. And if you really are a Milan fan, then this is your album. Small spoiler: we will open our review with a rather similar phrase for the upcoming Inter and Juventus albums 🙂

Traditional appointment with the annual album of the team, a “only for fans” production but necessary for fans to have even more stickers of the traditional players, although the Panini album already features a very large squad.

After several difficult years to renew itself, Euro Publishing tries by changing the introductory pages, this year dedicated to the return of Milan to the Champions League. We would have dared more, presenting maybe 7 stickers, one for each club victory with vintage stickers of the great champions.

Next pages dedicated to the new arrivals: Messias, Pellegri, Bakayoko, Florenzi, Ballo-Tourè, Maignan and the world champion Olivier Giroud. It is right to dwell on the new faces even if, finding the same players also in the large part of the album dedicated to the squad, it has a bit of the flavor of repetition. You could integrate the album with different pages and maybe in the player’s pages simply write a “new arrival” in relief.

This is followed by the most conspicuous part of the album where the coach Stefano Pioli and all the players (as many as 28!) Are presented, each with their own page and five stickers. Having many stickers of the player in action or in any case in motion, the album has the advantage of presenting a very large part of unpublished stickers, not with photos also used by other publishers for the Serie A or Champions League album.

Final part of the album dedicated to the “world” of Milan, always quite interesting, where both the women’s team with the Giacinti bomber and the Primavera team rightly find space. Very interesting news are the 7 stickers with the history of the logo from 1899 to today to 1997, which has remained the same to this day. Thinking about the pages of the new arrivals, not fundamental, for example in the future it would be interesting to find the entire squad of Milan Women or Primavera, it would not only make the album more complete but would be absolute joy for collectors always looking for rookie stickers.

The album is completed by the 30 cards, always of good quality, featuring the 28 players plus the coach Pioli and the Milan logo. Price of the packet absolutely competitive at 0.70 with the variant of finding 4 stickers + 1 card or 5 stickers. An interesting detail is that last year, where we had 5 stickers, there was always a special that, on the contrary, we could not find in the envelope with the card. However, at least in the packets we have opened, there are 5 standard stickers. Now it is not a rule, the special metallics are only 24. In this case, make friends with your newsagent, so that you can choose the packets, to the touch it is easy to understand which cards can be found 😉

Meanwhile, we continue to dream of an entire album dedicated to Zlatan!


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