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We have exceeded HALF MILLION (exactly 500,777) of stickers and cards collected! Thanks to the many people who have brought or sent us their material in the last 3 years. Thanks also to the work of the Association and the important financial support that we carry out through the purchase of the packets of the new releases to allow both the exchange of stickers (so as to allow us to increase those in our possession), and help the preparation of SolidAlbum. The aim is supporting the international project ADOTTA CON LA FIGURINA – STICKER RAISING FOR MADAGASCAR (

However, warehouse management has become very complicated, taking into account that our activities are entirely based on volunteering. For this reason and to make the material more usable and accessible, we are reorganizing the archive which will be operational again in January 2022. Only a part of the material will be kept in the binders with the individual stickers and cards, for all the others some lots (which can also contain multiple copies of the same sticker) or incomplete sets with the stickers sold only in bulk, at very good prices. There will also be lots of collections of which we keep the catalog but at the same time we find ourselves with numbers of stickers greater than 3 or 5 copies.

On this material we are not even able to make a list, as the lots are prepared they will be made available at the Fairs and some events where we will be present. For the same reason we do NOT have lists of numbers present in the lots, also for this reason the prices will be very cheap.

At the moment we can confirm you will find many lots at our stand on the occasion of:

Fiera del Disco, Figurina e Fumetto – 27/28 novembre 2021 Bologna Fiere, Bologna
FIGUCON 2022 – 15 gennaio 2022 Estragon Club, Bologna

Thanks again and see you at the next milestone of the 600,000 stickers and cards collected!

In Stickers We Trust

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