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MINECRAFT Treasure (Panini)

Album: MINECRAFT Treasure Album (Panini)
Stickers: 256 (1-256)
Starter pack: album + 5 packets + 3 cards limited edition 4,90€
Box: 24 packets (5 sticker per packet) 1,00€ each

Minecraft mania! Let’s admit that sticker albums on video games always put us in a bit of trouble, not being “of the trade”. For this reason, we often risk appearing as ignorant and surely there will be details of the album that are important to the fans and maybe we don’t notice. We apologize in advance.

After the collection of cards, here are the dear and old stickers, after all the brand is one of those that work, the fans are millions all over the world. The product presented by Panini is classic but also modern, classic as it is a typical sticker album to stick, modern as the stickers themselves are also interactive and particular. It could not have been otherwise with such a product, what do you say?

The first part of the album is dedicated to the themes and sets of the game, the exploration of the different settings (forest, mine, desert, etc.), interactions, creations or even constructions. Of course also the fights, because if not what video game would it be?

The next part of the album is the most dynamic and perhaps interesting. Both for the fact that it is time to play, and for the multitude of different stickers, special, mini square, mini round. The two aspects go hand in hand, to reveal the solutions you need the stickers, but also to be able to interact with the album you need the stickers to know what they represent. The idea of ​​not making a single and compact block is also nice, the games will also return in the following pages of the album.

Earlier we wrote that the games part was perhaps the most interesting. You will think the same before you get to page 24 where the Minecraft art sector begins. Here the authors have given themselves to the most unlikely but at the same time successful solutions. The graffiti-style characters, the shaped stickers to complete some really nice splash pages. Modern art meets video games, the result is successful.

The alternation of the album is another positive factor, in our opinion. It makes completing it more fun but also just browsing it. Games, art, alternating with other explorations and creations. Grand finale with a Minecraft adventure, which keeps us company for 6 pages and 34 stickers.

Given the usual quality problems of the album paper, a mention on the cost of the packets. In the first instance, not exactly cheap, but on the other hand, compared to many other collections, here the stickers have an edge. A little bigger than the standard, several specials and in particular the video stickers. By downloading the App, it will be possible to view videos related to the game.

Too bad the choice of making boxes of only 24 packets, understandable for other collections where sales forecasts are not the best, but with Minecraft we believe something more could be done. The solution is to give oneself to the wild exchange with friends and collectors, as it was once done, often, fortunately, it happens even now.


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15 December 2020