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REWILD (Panini Italy)


album: REWILD (Panini)
cards: 470 (1-468 + cards limited Fluo)
starter pack: guide + game board + 5 packets 6,90€
box: 24 packets (6 cards per packets)  1,00€ cad.

Not all albums are meant to be completed. This is the case with Rewild, a nice novelty from Panini. Of course, we are collectors and therefore we cannot help but imagine lining up all the cards from 1 to 468, but the spirit with which the product is born is to teach, through play. Of course, finding the most powerful cards definitely helps you win!

To better understand both the formula of the game and the setting of the cards, the excellent guide attached is very useful. The explanation of the cards goes hand in hand with that on animals and their risk of extinction. The score of the cards is inversely proportional to this scientific data. Panini is keen to emphasize the origin of the data from which it collected the information to create the game and the cards, it is good and very useful.

To be able to play you need both the basic and bonus cards, the advice is to buy in addition to the starter pack one of the different Starter Decks that contain 40 cards. 320 cards are the basic, 60 are bonus, the remaining 20 are “scratch & sniff” (scratch and smell the farm animals), 48 cards with embossed parts and 20 sticker cards.

The sticker cards have a sticker above without a real use, they are simply beautiful to stick where you want, proposing pairs of the same special and under the sticker we find the card with the puppy, including the special BIG 8, unbeatable in the game . To the 468 cards must be added the two limited ones, Super Bonus and Jolly Fluo, to find them you need to buy the Collectors Box.

The presence of three different game boards is also excellent (two are found in the starter pack). Who knows, if the collection is successful, no more will be added later. If the planks are three, different speech for the settings, 8 different habitats, where the various animal species are divided. Also for this reason the guide is very useful, a very valid notional part, to read! The texts and captions are made for an audience of very young people, but the theme is so universal that even the older ones will appreciate it.

In recent years we have sometimes reported that in the Panini collections on animals, if the didactic part was very well done, little was granted to the solidarity part. In practice, unlike other publishers, no space was given to Italian or international companies that were at the forefront of protecting the environment and its inhabitants. This time, however, the collection is connected to the Parco Natura Viva and to the projects of the Arca Foundation, for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity by supporting activities in various parts of the world.

Excellent that no product related to the collection has plastic parts, only paper, packets and starter packs included. This is the reason for the lack of the binder, inevitably (at least for now) in plastic. However, you can always buy a Calciatori Adrenalyn starter pack, if you really can’t do without it.

Significant data for collectors who want to find all the cards. As written at the beginning, it is not essential for others. Let’s give this interesting and well-made product a chance, who knows it may not continue over time with updates and new cards.


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