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NA! NA! NA! Surprise (Panini)


album: NA! NA! NA! Surprise (Panini)

stickers: 168  (1-168)

starter pack: album + 3 packet 2,00€

box: 24 packets (5 stickers per packet) 0,80€

Nana Supergirl, legendary Japanese cartoon, has nothing to do with it, also because we have an extra NA here. If in the 80s we had the famous “battles” between Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet fans, at the beginning of the third decade of the 2000s here is the clash between the L.O.L. and the Na Na Na.

Honestly, we don’t know which of the two collections was born first, but the characters are really quite similar, looking a bit on the web we can say that even the triple Na dolls have a good following, thanks also to the material distributed by Giochi Preziosi.

Fortunately, Panini does not do an encore of the latest L.O.L. and releases a publication more suitable for children and for parents’ pockets. Not too many stickers (168) and above all no cards. This probably means that we will soon have this format too but from a different collection. We think that in addition to quality, it is also necessary to consider the possibility of completing an album without fainting, the cost of the packets is not particularly cheap but at least the final goal is not a chimera ..

The album is very nice and funny, on each page a different doll appears, curious to find the date of birth even if obviously without the year, the Na Na Na certainly cannot grow up. The goal is not only to attach (well, please) the stickers but also to interact with the dolls through the small games or quizzes found on many of the pages. Whether you dream of becoming a model or you dream of becoming a stylist.

Interesting is the varied choice of stickers available, several specials including the now customary glitter and holographic specials, even the classic stickers, especially the close-ups have an almost .. hypnotic effect.

At the center of the album is the fashion book, where even more space is given to fashion and the dresses that our little heroines love to wear. Rather varied choices! Last pages with the class photo where some of the protagonists of the album are re-proposed.


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9 April 2024