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stickers: 26 (1-26) poster + brochure + complete set € 9.90

It took 53 years to see Italy on the roof of Europe again, it took a little time for the celebratory poster to finally arrive, announced for release on July 27th. Not bad, happy that Panini has made it. In recent times we have often had to focus on the shortcomings of the Modena house, but this time we must say that we are satisfied.

Someone had dreamed of a real album as it happened in 2006, probably the insignificant sales of that time have cut their legs a little bit. Honestly, it seems to us that a product like this is absolutely up to par to celebrate the victory for the Europeans, also taking into account that Panini Argentina has created a similar product to do the same for the Seleccion victory in Copa America.

Other details are both the low price and the fact that it is a product for everyone and not an ultra limited edition. That’s right, that everyone can equally celebrate the Azzurri’s victory. Also, after the rather poor quality of so many recent products, both the poster and the stickers themselves are well crafted. Even the images of the players are not the same as those used for the Adrenalyn or the Euro2020 album. Of course, something more could always be done, but the final result is valid.

Let’s go further and hope this double release (Italy and Argentina, the second only available in the South American country) can become a fixed appointment to celebrate perhaps the victorious national team of Qatar 2022 and the following ones. In addition to having all the players, happy to find the coach Roberto Mancini sticker. This line of Panini is inconceivable and unacceptable, which for decades has not featured the coach sticker in the European and World Cup albums. Incomprehensible, really.

Also present is the small booklet that traces the final phase of the European Championships, it is not the attachment, in reality the attachment is the posters with the stickers, so it must be kept. For the younger ones, maybe buy two copies, one to hang in the room and the other to keep sealed.


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