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stickers: 72  (P1-P24, X1-X24, 24 shields + 18 game cards)

starter pack: album + complete set 9,90€ (plus 2 packets Gommmaglie, Tin Box Platinum Adrenalyn)

This very interesting product arrives on newsstands, we do not know how many have noticed it, having been released shortly before the Euro2020 Wembley final. It may seem anachronistic, being a product linked to the Adrenalyn collection, but of many extra releases, often useless, this one stands out.

First of all we have a question: is it part of the Adrenalyn collection or part of the Calciatori collection?!? For the writer, it applies to both and by collecting the traditional Calciatori album, this being in all respects an album of stickers to be attached, it is in effect part of the collection and therefore a “must have”!

Points of view, of course. The printed photos are the Adrenalyn cards, while the texts seem to come out of the pages of Bomber magazine. However, the detail remains, which is not a detail, that we are talking about stickers to be attached. The 18 cards are related to the game, they do not show images of players, let’s say they are the least attractive aspect of the product.

Often and always reluctantly we have to report the costs of Panini products, in this case we must instead report the excellent price, just 10 euros. A figure that can already be reached with the value of the extra material (Adrenalyn tin box + 2 Gommaglie packets), these products are really over the maximum time, in reality even without these objects the 10 euro would be well spent.

Inside we find four types of stickers:

The stickers numbered X1-X24 are round and reflect only the detail of the players’ faces, not all teams are represented, several Juventus players (including Cristiano Ronaldo, Chiesa and Dybala for collectors of the themes). The image is the same as in the Calciatori album. In recent years, rumors have been circulating among collectors about the idea of ​​overwhelming graphics by inserting this particular sticker detail. Could it be a test bench for Panini to probe the moods of fans?

The stickers numbered P1-P24 are certainly the most interesting, 12 special glitter and 12 in action with completely real photos with the background of the playing field. Above all, they are mostly unpublished stickers, not re-proposed than what we have already seen in the Adrenalyn collection. All the more reason to buy this product. Unlike the X set, here are all the Serie A teams with Inter, Juventus and Lazio who have more stickers (among the top players here we have Belotti, Hakimi, Chiellini, Lukaku, De Paul, etc.)

In the oval stickers we find shields, Serie A logos and cups, not numbered. The reason is simple, they are created to be used to stick on the central page where we find the Game, so everyone can use the sticker they prefer. Of course most of us will leave the sticker sheet untouched, right? 🙂 Also because to play you would need to cut the album cover to get the pieces and the dice. If desired, Panini could add a detachable insert as it does for the card holder boxes in various albums. Given the overall price of this album, honestly you can’t fault the choice too much.

Waiting for Panini’s announcement on something related to Italy’s European champion (hopefully an album!), This unexpected release is a pleasure. Do you collect the Calciatori? They are stickers, for us it must be taken! Do you collect the Adrenalyn? They are not cards but it is linked to the collection, so for us it must be taken!

From any point of view you look at this pack, run to the newsstands before it is sold out


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