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UNICI (Panini/Vegé Italy)


album: UNICI (Panini)

stickers: 96 (1-96)

album 2,00€

packets: 3 stickers at each expense of € 20.00 in supermarkets Vegé Group

After so many years (last time it was for Euro 2012) Italy also has its special album linked to supermarkets. “Unici” this is the name of the album, very intriguing, we usually talk at the end of the stickers but this time we mention them first. Especially some types are enormously more interesting than those of the traditional European album. Indeed, we could take a cue for maybe the new Calciatori, we will return to this point with an ad hoc post on social networks in the coming days, let’s see what collectors will say.

UNICI in some way pursues the layout of the Bomber magazine, leaving space for many curiosities about the great champions. In France, an album of footballers’ recipes has been released, it is right that this type of products are completely alternative to the classic football sticker album. It’s nice to see Panini’s commitment to making this album, both on the stickers and on the content, even the hardcover album is finally of quality. Very low selling price, just 2 euros, thanks to the sponsorship of the Vegè Group, Panini partner in this initiative.

Instead of dividing into chapters by roles as done in the past, thanks to the different sections we have the opportunity to know less famous aspects of many players. Of course it is an album with a very young target, also appreciable the cultural and social objectives and the notions that lie within it. It is right that we start talking about school times (The first steps) and who, especially at the beginning of their career, was close to the future top players (Important people).

Given our (small) role in the field of solidarity, we are happy to see how much Panini dedicates on this occasion to the social commitment of many players (Off the pitch), there are still the more sporting aspects (Will and Determination, Masters of Life) as well. like curiosities about private life, from hobbies to passions. After all, footballers also have a personal life and like everyone they live and suffer from the things that make their heart beat faster (The Hidden Side, Talents and Interests, Culture and Entertainment).

The aspect that we would like to emphasize is the didactic formula of the album, which leaves space for information, for many curiosities but also for interesting geographical notions, it will be a detail but we like the indication of the hometown marked on the map of the various countries. This aspect is also repeated on the back of the stickers, where we can have demographic and tourist information of the many cities involved. Short and therefore effective texts.

We have already said about the stickers but we repeat ourselves, really interesting and possible points of reference for renewing other collections. The album also dedicates space to explain the different types of stickers, the graphics are not random, the “reliable” remain our favorites, even in future perspectives.

Nice the game you find on the last page, very simple but still an additional factor. Of course, only the stickers are needed which, as written, being of different types, also have different roles for the game.

The packet contains only 3 stickers and you have every 20 euros spent, taking into account that the album contains only 96 stickers it is not so impossible to complete it; just convince the wives or parents (for the youngest) to go shopping for 2 months at the supermarkets of the Vegè group. The point is to understand what they are, even the site is unclear, speaking only of the contest linked to the album. Better to go to the site where you can enter your city and discover the nearest stores.

The hope is that, subsequently, it will also be possible to order the missing stickers from Panini, as was the case with the Spal album made a few years ago.


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