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GRANDE TORINO (Galata Italy)


album: CASKET GRANATA (Galata Edizioni)

poster  + 12 stickers poster  + 15 packets Torino 2020/21 14,90€

We certainly arrive after the deadline, for a product that has been out for over a month, but it has only arrived now and for the Grande Torino an exception is more than willingly made. Nice idea of ​​Galata edizioni that makes a nice tribute in memory of the players who died in the Superga tragedy of 1949.

The Grande Torino, the team of all Italians. The most malicious will say that it is a crafty one, to entice people to collect the current Torino album which unfortunately is quite a disaster. In fact, in the box there are 15 packets of the collection. The fact remains that we have in our hands a product that gives emotion and that is enough for us.

In addition to the 15 packets already mentioned, in the box we find the mini poster of the Grande Torino, on one side the photo of the squad, on the other the space for the stickers, 11. The twelfth in fact proposes the complete team and does not find space on the poster. The stickers are not unpublished, they are the adhesive reissue of the series released for Lavazza within the Campioni dello Sport collection, which is not the Panini one from the late 60s. Without retouching or updates.

Hence the numbering of the sticker on the front, which naturally has nothing to do with the poster, the correct numbering is the standard one on the back. It is impressive to see the wording in brackets “dead” next to the name of our grenade heroes and the black stripe on the left. Could it have been done differently without simply re-proposing the product of the time? Perhaps, it remains a nice tribute to the invincibles and we like it.

The most exciting and interesting aspect is found in the texts under the space for stickers, with the memory of family members, a wonderful idea to make something personal in some way owned by everyone, as was and always will be the memory of the Grande Torino.

Bacigalupo, Ballarin, Maroso, Grezar, Rigamonti, Castigliano, Menti, Loik, Gabetto, Mazzola, Ossola have never died, they are only away.


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